13 Spunky Crochet Cactus Patterns

A crochet succulent garden

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Cacti are trending in home decor. Succulents, in particular, have taken the design world by storm. This isn't just a passing fad, though. In fact, as season after season passes, the popularity of the cactus seems to only grow.

Of course, adding plants to your home isn't right for everyone. Whether you have small children, curious pets, or just a brown thumb, you may not want to deal with the responsibility of a thorny plant. Enter: the crochet cactus as the perfect solution.

A crochet cactus has all of the beauty of the natural plant but it's soft and cozy. It adds warmth to the home in addition to organic appeal. Use a large one as a statement piece on a table, create a whole garden of small crochet cacti, or offer one as a housewarming gift for a friend.

Each of these 13 crochet cactus patterns are different from one another. Have fun playing with different techniques, yarns, stitches, and styles to create the houseplant that's perfect for you.

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    Amigurumi Cacti Free Crochet Patterns

    Amigurumi Crochet Cacti

    Melarossa Creazioni

    This link will take you to the first three crochet cactus patterns in this roundup. It's a great place for you to start because the three cacti are each very different but there are many similarities in their construction. Therefore, you'll get the chance to really practice what it is like to build out different styles of cacti.

    These are really classic crochet designs. There is a saguaro-style cactus, one that looks like a prickly pear, and another shaped like a barrel cactus. If you're from Southwestern Arizona or a similar desert area then you'll definitely recognize each of these three plants.

    The designs are simple but very effective. They are worked amigurumi-style using single crochet stitches. The written instructions are accompanied by symbol charts. Each cactus is worked in green cotton yarn, planted in brown cotton "soil," and then placed in a small pot.

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    Three Tiny Crochet Cactus Patterns (All Free)

    Three tiny crochet cacti


    The next three crochet cactus patterns in this round up might look a little familiar. After all, these are the same three cacti that we saw above—an armless young saguaro, a prickly pear, and a barrel cactus. However, the crochet patterns are completely different.

    These crochet patterns are tiny. These are particularly great if you want to:

    • Quickly complete an instant gratification project or last minute gift
    • Use up small bundles of yarn, especially if you have green in your stash
    • Want to make a cactus keychain or magnet

    Although they are small, these crochet cactus patterns pack a big punch. In addition to single crochet, you'll get the opportunity to use double crochet. Plus you'll get to use both sc and dc post stitches. Not to mention, the added flower on top of each little crochet cactus is the perfect pop of color.

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    Flowering Prickly Pear Cactus Free Crochet Pattern

    Prickly Pear crochet cactus

    K. Hook Creations 

    If you've never lived in the desert, then you might not realize just how colorful it gets during the springtime. Many cacti have beautiful flowers in bright red, yellow, and white colors. The prickly pear has a flower that brings a fruit which can be used to make jam. It's both beautiful and tasty.

    This free crochet cactus pattern represents that type of cactus. The prickly pear fruit is bright red; the flowers are yellow; and the thorns on the pad of the cactus are represented by cute white embroidery-style stitches. If you're looking for a colorful cactus to decorate your home, then this is the pattern you're seeking.

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    Easy Crochet Cactus Pattern

    A green crochet cactus with white flowers

    Jessica Faulhaber, Ravelry

    Use this crochet pattern to learn how to craft a really easy crochet cactus. It's made just slightly more special by adding tufts of white yarn to the body. Place the finished cactus into a terracotta pot to complete the effect of a classic houseplant. People who love amigurumi will find this to be a popular pattern.

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    Sally the Crochet Cactus Pattern

    Crochet cactus with eyes and a smile

    Eva Donnelson, Ravelry

    Maybe you don't just want a cactus that truly looks like a regular houseplant. Perhaps instead you want to crochet something with more character. Enter Sally the Cactus. Sally is a really simple crochet cactus pattern that comes alive thanks to the addition of cute eyes and blushing cheeks.

    Of course, you could actually use the same pattern to crochet a very simple cactus without the face on it as well. The design includes a crochet pot (as opposed to "planting" your cactus in a store-bought pot). It is worked in single crochet and half double crochet stitches with some use of the back loop only technique.

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    Chubby Cactus Free Crochet Video Tutorial

    Crochet cactus with smile surrounded by pom poms

    H​ooked By Robin


    This is another super simple crochet cactus pattern that's got a big punch of personality. Basically, you just crochet a simple green ball. Then you add a cute, kawaii-style face with sew-on eyes, an embroidered mouth, and dots of pink yarn for cheeks. This crochet tutorial is offered as a free YouTube video.

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    Crochet Cactus Pincushion Pattern

    Crochet Cactus Pincushion

    T​he Roving Nomad 

    Some people don't like to crochet items that are purely decorative. While arguably a plant, even a crochet one, can add a lot of beauty to your life, if you're a minimalist then it might not be for you. You might be thinking, "it's nice, but what can I do with it?" If that's the case, then this crochet pincushion shaped like a cactus is for you.

    When it's not filled with pins, it looks just like a regular, simple crochet cactus. Add different types of pins and you can create entirely different looks (think: thorns and flowers). It's functional as well as adorable. Set one on your sewing table or craft desk.

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    Crochet Cactus Coasters Free Pattern

    Crochet Cactus Coasters


    While most of the crochet cactus patterns on this list are amigurumi-style, this one has a different approach. It's a set of crochet coasters, so the cactus is really just a green circle crochet in the round and decorated with white embroidery stitches for thorns. However, you'll then add a tiny three dimensional crochet flower to the top of each coaster. When you stand them up inside of the pot that you crochet, they look three-dimensional as though you've worked with amigurumi. None of the stuffing, all of the design flair.

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    Crochet Cactus Garden Free Pattern

    A crochet cactus garden

    Spotlight Stores

    If you want a crochet cactus pattern that is anything but run-of-the-mill then don't worry because we saved the best for last. This is a free crochet pattern for creating an entire cactus garden—pot and all. It's as if you're building your own terrarium, but entirely in crochet.

    This crochet pattern will teach you how to make many different types of cacti, including a ruffled echeveria and a Christmas cactus. You'll have the opportunity to learn about different cactus types as you craft. Plus this display incorporates many different shades of colors found in the desert, beyond just the typical green you usually see in crochet cactus patterns.

    This is the perfect statement piece for your home. It's also a really inspiring gift idea.