15 Adorable Crochet Baby Dress Patterns

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    Making a Crochet Baby Dress

    Little Princess Dress Crochet Pattern
    CrobyPatterns / Etsy

    It is so fun to make a little crochet baby dress, whether it's the first one that you have ever crafted or the hundredth. Each dress is a one-of-a-kind item filled with love. Any baby looks so precious dressed up in her pretty handmade clothes, and that dress will make mama smile long after it has been outgrown and stored as a keepsake.

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    Mina Baby and Toddler Dress Crochet Pattern

    This simple, sweet crochet dress is designed for the advanced beginner. The stitches are easy and the colorful yoke striping adds pizzazz. It is sized to fit ages 0 months to 4 years. Make it as a first dress, and keep making new ones as baby grows, or make a matching dress for big sis.

    Mina Baby and Toddler Dress by Alicia Paulson

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    Butterfly Dress Crochet Pattern

    This springtime crochet baby dress incorporates the butterfly stitch, making for a sweet design that uses chain stitches to make it look like butterflies are flying across the fabric. This crochet pattern is designed for ages 6-24 months.

    Butterfly Dress by Christie's Closet Creations

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    Butterfly Baby Crochet Dress Pattern

    Butterfly Applique Crochet Baby Dress
    Emily Spitzer / Ravelry

    If subtle isn't your baby's thing then go for this bold, beautiful butterfly dress. The poofy white dress is adorned with crochet butterfly appliqués in every color of the rainbow. The pattern is sold on Ravelry in four sizes, ages 0-12 months.

    Butterfly Baby Dress by Emily Spitzer

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    Little Princess Dress Crochet Pattern

    Little Princess Dress Crochet Pattern
    CrobyPatterns / Esty

    This dress has thick straps that give it a charming suspenders-inspired look. The pattern uses basic crochet stitches combined with working in the back loop only for added texture. It comes in two sizes to fit newborn babies up to age one.

    Little Princess Dressby CrobyPatterns 

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    Cotton Candy Jumper Crochet Pattern

    Celebrate texture in crochet with the fabulous use of post stitches on the bodice of this crochet jumper. This is one of the most fun dresses to make! This crochet pattern is sized to fit ages 0-2 years.

    Cotton Candy Jumper by Crochet Dreamz

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    Summer Crochet Baby Dress Pattern

    Crochet Summer Baby Dress Pattern
    Fiorella Pittala / Ravelry

    This is another variation on the jumper dress. After making a few different styles, you will see that there are so many different options for creating the body, top and straps of this style of crochet baby dress. This one has lovely lacy straps that really accent the piece. This crochet pattern, for sale through Ravelry, comes in four sizes to fit ages 6 months to 2 years. 

    Summer Crochet Baby Dress by Fiorella Pittala

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    Rose Princess Dress Crochet Pattern

    Rose Princess Baby Dress Crochet Pattern
    LadyDustBunny / Etsy

    Learn how to make beautiful crochet roses to decorate the top of this baby dress. This is one of those dresses that you can make in every color of the rainbow. The pattern is made in three sizes for ages 6 months to 1 year.

    Rose Princess Dress by LadyDustBunny

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    Purple Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern

    This is a very easy crochet baby dress pattern worked from the top down. Instructions are provided in both Spanish and English and the pattern includes a free video tutorial to assist you in making it. This crochet pattern is designed in four sizes for ages 0-2 years. 

    Purple Baby Dress by Lanas y Ovillos

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    Halter Ruffle Dress Crochet Pattern

    There are many different ways to construct a crochet dress. This one uses a ruffled halter at the top, which is a really unique design, and it is beautifully complemented by the ruffle at the bottom. It comes in two versions–short and long–and is sized for ages 0-5, so it's a very versatile crochet dress pattern that can be used again and again.

    Halter Ruffle Dress by Mon Petit Violon

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    Easter Grace Dress Free Crochet Pattern

    Baby Easter Dress Free Crochet Pattern
    Sandy Furlough / Ravelry

    Every holiday is a great excuse to make another beautiful crochet baby dress. This floral design is perfect as an Easter crochet pattern, whether you're making baby's first party dress or an outfit for Easter photos. This free pattern is for babies age 3-9 months; it is available as a download on Ravelry.

    Easter Grace Dress by Sandy Furlough

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    Merida Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern

    Merida Baby Dress Free Crochet Pattern
    Marissa Whalen / Ravelry

    Crochet designer Melissa Whalen explains, "This pattern is an adaptation of the Merida dress from Brave for a 3-6 month old." The crochet pattern is versatile, with options for different bodices as well as both short and long sleeves. This pattern is free via Ravelry.

    ​Merida Baby Dress by Marissa Whalen

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    Crochet Baby Romper / Tunic

    Crochet Baby Romper Pattern
    TheFireflyHook / Ravelry

    This is a really smart crochet pattern design. It can be made into a baby romper, with closed legs, or left open as a dress. As a dress, it can be made to be worn alone or as more of a tunic top with leggings. The instructions for the romper pattern start at age 0 and go up to age 2, with additional tunic instructions for ages up to 8. 

    Crochet Baby Romper / Tunic by TheFireflyHook

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    Lacy Clover Infant Dress Free Crochet Pattern

    It is always fun to make a crochet baby dress but it is even more fun to make a whole set for baby. You can pair dresses with matching baby sweaters, baby booties and other baby accessories. In this case, there is a matching hat pattern. This one is designed for newborns age 0-3 months.

    Lacy Clover Infant Dress by Creative Threads by Leah

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    Striped Crochet Baby Dress Free Pattern

    This is another adorable crochet baby dress pattern set. It comes with a matching free hat pattern and pattern for booties. This striped crochet dress is made for sizes 6-12 months.

    Striped Crochet Baby Dress by Crochet-Crosia

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    Rainbow Crochet Baby Dress Pattern

    Rainbow Crochet Baby Dress Pattern
    Aradhna Shukla / Ravelry

    Doesn't this dress just make you happy? The pattern, sold through Ravelry, also includes matching patterns for the headband (flower crown) and booties.

    Rainbow Crochet Dress by Aradhna Shukla