Learn How to Do CroTatting with these Free Patterns

Use a Crochet Hook to Get a Tatted Design

Cro-tatting is an intriguing fusion of crochet and tatting. There are several different types of tatting including shuttle tatting, needle tatting and cro-tatting. They are all used to do a specific type of knot work and lace work that looks like nothing else in yarn crafting. People who enjoy crochet but want to try something new in the craft may branch out into cro-tatting as a way to create items with a unique design. These resources will help the crocheter learn how to tat while creating lace items that will have everyone asking, "how did you do that?"

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    Crotatting Basics

    Crotatting Snowflake
    PrairieArtProject, Getty Images

    Georgia Seitz has shared vintage crotat instructions including helpful drawings to assist people in understanding the basics of the craft. The instructions come from a 19th century book. There aren't enough details here to really help you learn the craft but taking a look at these early instructions can give you a terrific foundation for moving forward to learn crotatting.

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    Learn How to Crotat from Rainbow Valley

    How to Crotat
    Enfys, Rainbow Valley

    One of the best online resources for learning crotatting is Enfys of Rainbow Valley. Begin with the free download guide to the craft, which shows you how to add add and remove stitches from the hook to create designs, as well as how to make crotatted strings, beaded crotatting and work with multiple colors in this niche. This designer also offers some crotatting video instruction.

    If you find that you work well using instructions from Rainbow Valley, this website also offers a number of different crotatting patterns for sale. After learning the basics from the free guide, use the patterns to expand on your knowledge of the craft and make items including coasters, bridal jewelry, stoles and more.

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    Simple Cro-Tat Square Motif Free Pattern

    Crotatting Square Free Pattern
    karmaeleon, via Simone Roeder, Ravelry

    Designer Simone Roeder actually learned how to cro-tat from Rainbow  Valley's resources but then branched out to making her own crotatting patterns. These patterns are a great resource for anyone interested in the craft.

    This one, in particular, is a favorite among crocheters since it offers something of a crotatting alternative to the classic granny square. As with crochet squares, the motifs can be joined into a range of different items.

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    Little Crotatted Doily Free Pattern

    Little Crotat Doily
    Viviane Deroover, Ravelry

     Crotatting is perfect for lace like items such as doilies. This is a free pattern offered in both French and English to create a detailed lavender doily.

    The pattern uses chains, slip stitches and single crochet for the crochet portion. For the cro-tatting, it uses double knots and picots. There is a link to some basic crotatting instructions for beginners.

    Those who happen to speak French can also see a more detailed instructional video. Designer Vivianne Deroover also has a cro-tatting book in French.

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    Rose Doily Free Crotatting Pattern

    crotat rose doily free crochet pattern
    House of White Birches

    This doily pattern combines the popularity of square motifs with lace and flowers to create a vintage-inspired doily. This is a perfect project for someone who wants to practice crotatting. Use the finished item to dress up your house during springtime. A set of these will also make a great housewarming gift.

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    Bullion Center Crotat Snowflake Free Pattern

    Croat snowflake with bullion
    Mary M

    There is a collection of free crotatting patterns by Mary M that includes a series of snowflakes. This one is an intricate design with bullions at the center. Whereas most crochet bullions begin with a "wrap around" of somewhere between 5 and 9 "yarn overs"; the bullions in this project begin with 20 "yarn overs"! This project is not for the faint of heart but if you're seeking a winter crotatting pattern that is challenging and interesting then this is worth taking a look at. Additional patterns can be found at Tatting Pattern Central.

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    Vintage Crotatting Collar Free Pattern

    Vintage crotatting collar free pattern
    Erin Holloway

    AllCrafts also has a terrific collection of free crotatting patterns. Many of them link to archived items online, and they are best tackled by people who have already learned crotatting and can read crotat patterns. This collar is an example of an inspiring project on the site, one that you can use to create a vintage-inspired accessory that will really add pizazz to any modern outfit.

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    Taking it Further with Online Instruction

    Crotat snowflakes
    rest, Getty Images

    Udemy offers an interesting online class that teaches several niches of crochet including crotatting. If you are a crocheter who just wants to learn something new but you aren't sure that crotatting is it, this class gives you the chance to try it alongside Tunisian crochet and filet crochet to see where you'd like to go next. This course isn't free, but it is affordable, and it can be an inspiriting next step for explorative crocheters.