Stitch These 7 Creepy Needlepoint Projects for Halloween

Have Some Halloween Fun with These 7 Super Easy Needlepoint Designs

These 7 needlepoint projects are all about crafting creepy decorations for your Halloween celebrations. Turn any seasonal party into a spooky sensation and enjoy yourself while doing so as you stitch monsters, skulls, candy corn, vampire teeth, bats and mummies.

Use leftover needlepoint canvas and threads from other projects, or invest in new wool and cotton threads in traditional Halloween colors. Exercise your imagination to make the designs come to life with beads, ribbons, embellishments and...MORE other found objects.

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    Scary Skull Needlepoint Design

    Spooky Halloween Skull Needlepoint Chart
    Spooky Halloween Skull Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule

    Stitch an eerie skull needlepoint design for Halloween. The super easy project is just dying to be worked in basic tent needlepoint stitches and glow-in-the-dark novelty thread.

    Mix and match stranded matte-finish threads with metallic blending filament to add a bit of sparkle or eerie highlights in the eye sockets or around each tooth in the skull’s jaw. There are also numerous specialty threads that are fun to use for detailing or accentuating certain parts of the skull bone.

    Get a head start on...MORE the skull needlepoint project by drawing an outline of the design template and painting it on canvas with felt-tip permanent markers or acrylic paint. Once dry, you can take the canvas along with you for working on in spare moments.

    Start in the center of the design to place your first stitch. Work the dark areas of the skull first and then fill in the lighter ones. When everything else has been stitched on the skull, fill in your choice of background; or leave the canvas blank and mount the entire piece on dark colored mat board.

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    Mysterious Mummy Needlepoint Pattern

    Halloween Mummy Needlepoint Design
    Halloween Mummy Needlepoint Design. Althea DeBrule

    This simple needlepoint project is an excellent way to use up surplus stitching supplies and make Halloween celebrations come to life! Beginners will find the project satisfying and can learn various stitch techniques as they go along.

    Make the mummy motif mysterious by using pale shades of gray, tan and off white colored threads and working the tent stitch. Alternatively, to get pleasing results, you can couch an overdyed beige ribbon floss or similar thread to make the strips of cloth on the...MORE mummy look more realistic.

    Either way it is well worth taking time to make sure you will be happy with the results by carefully selecting the threads and stitches before starting the project. And, if you believe you will enjoy working the mummy pattern as part of a larger piece, consider a simple needlepoint border and plain background fill to complete it.

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    Easy Candy Corn Needlepoint Design

    Halloween Candy Corn Needlepoint Pattern
    Halloween Candy Corn Needlepoint Pattern. Althea DeBrule

    Work this quick and easy design on cloth trick-or-treat or Halloween party favor bags. The small pattern can be completed in a few hours.

    Almost any kind of thread will work for this project, but cotton embroidery floss in several shades of orange works best for the simple pattern. You can have a lot of fun choosing from the numerous orange shades available in inexpensive cotton floss.

    Also a variegated or overdyed orange thread will give an unusual dappled effect to the corn kernels.

    The candy...MORE corn motifs are great opportunities to experiment with new stitches to produce interesting effects; however, you do not have to choose any stitches that are too complicated.

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    Monster-Mash Frankenstein Needlepoint Project

    Frankenstein Monster Needlepoint Chart
    Frankenstein Monster Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule

    Stitch your rendition of the original zombie, Frankenstein, with this ghoulish but cute needlepoint project for Halloween. The green monster looks ready to jump off the needlepoint chart with its uneven body parts and quirky needlework grimace.

    Do not jump around when stitching this project. Complete each section of the monster in its entirety before going to the next one. For example, work the head first including the eyes, ears and other parts of the face and neck before moving to the chest....MORE End by stitching the feet.

    Fill in enough background around the monster to turn the finished needlepoint Frankenstein into a stand-up figure around which you can build a centerpiece for a Halloween party. Stitching the background last helps smooth out any unevenness in working the curves of the shoulders, hands and feet.

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    Creepy Flying Bat Needlepoint Pattern

    Halloween Bat Needlepoint Pattern
    Halloween Bat Needlepoint Pattern. Althea DeBrule

    Here’s a perfect take-along needlepoint project that requires minimal stitching for last minute Halloween gifts and decorations! Needlepoint beginners can stitch this pattern in 3 hours or less by working the outline of the bat shape and filling in the rest with basic tent stitches.

    Even though this is a simple project, careful attention should be paid to stitching tension to keep the canvas from becoming distorted and to get that even finish that experienced stitchers regularly achieve.

    Use black...MORE Persian Wool Yarn to work the bat and a bit of yellow or orange glow-in-the-dark novelty thread for the eyes. If you do not have access to this thread, then sew two bright colored beads where the eyes would normally be.

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    Sensational Vampire Teeth Needlepoint Pattern

    Halloween Vampire Teeth Needlepoint Chart
    Halloween Vampire Teeth Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule

    This Halloween needlepoint design is guaranteed to perk up any party or haunted house for the season! The sensational vampire teeth can be worked as charted, or you can change the color of the lips to black and add a few drops of red for blood on the teeth.

    Either way, since the needlepoint project works up quick and easy, you can treat all your party-goers to a set of spooky teeth finished into a beverage coaster as part of a trick-or-treat favor bag. Or, enlarge the pattern and work it on Quickp...MOREoint canvas to make an attention-getting Halloween pillow!

    Every stitcher uses a different amount of thread when working a project, so in addition to what you may already have on hand, you may wish to purchase an additional skein or two—especially if you plan to make several vampire teeth in different colors.

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    Ghoulish Werewolf Monster Needlepoint Pattern

    Werewolf Monster Needlepoint Chart for Halloween
    Werewolf Monster Needlepoint Chart for Halloween. Althea DeBrule

    The werewolf monster is actually a good needlepoint project for a beginner since it is not too large and the motif is simple, making it quick and easy to stitch.

    Since most beginners are only familiar with the tent stitch, the werewolf will look just fine worked in this basic technique. As you gain more experience, feel free to try other stitches to make the monster more realistic.

    Play a few tricks with this beastly needlepoint pattern by first tracing and then working an outline of the werewolf....MORE If you are experienced, fill in the monster shape with long-and-short, stem or chain needlepoint stitches to simulate fur. Use a combination of wool and stranded cotton to make the fur appear lumpy and unkempt--just like a real werewolf would look!

    This spooky needlepoint creature is sure to conjure up that creepy feeling that's part of every Halloween celebration. Simply have some fun with a bit of imaginative shading and thread blending as well as you stitch the easy design.

    You'll be surprised at the kind of eerie highlights you can get from a mixture of color and texture. Make the werewolf look menacing by using bold thread colors in odd or ugly shades; or just a little scary with muted washed-out tones.

Working With Needlepoint Charts

Before printing each needlepoint chart, you may wish to enlarge it so that you can better see the colors and stitch placement. Unless directed differently by the needlepoint pattern, in most cases you can start in the center of the chart and canvas and continue working outward until all areas have been stitched. For dense pattern areas with lots of color, you may wish to mark the blank canvas every 10th line both vertically and horizontally so that you can keep your place when transferring the design onto the canvas.