15 Creative Fabric Storage Ideas

fabric storage bins


How much excess fabric do you own? Maybe you have some remnants or larger bolts you're looking to store. These fabric storage ideas will work whether you have one bin worth of textiles or an entire room. 

Before you pick a storage solution that will work for you, do a full inventory of all your fabric. Next, examine your existing sewing room or crafting area and think about where you could store this fabric.

Once you have picked a storage area like a wall, a closet or a section of floor space, you'll be in a better position to implement one of the ideas listed below. 

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    Learn How to Fold Fabric to Size

    how to fold fabric
    I Always Pick the Thimble

    The first thing you should master when you start storing excess fabric is how to fold the pieces to size. Figure out where you are going to stack the fabric, create a template and fold accordingly. This tutorial will show you how to do just that. 

    Folding Fabrics to Size from I Always Pick the Thimble

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    File Fabric Inside a Filing Cabinet

    fabric storage inside filing cabinet
    Craft Your Happiness

    If you have an extra filing cabinet you're using, repurpose it into a fabric storage caddy. If folded correctly, you'll be able to easily flip through your fabric remnants when you open the drawer. This fabric storage method might take some time to set up and maintain, but the functionality it offers makes up for it. 

    Organize Fabric with a File Cabinet from Craft Your Happiness

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    Hang Fabric From Clothespins

    fabric storage from clothes pins
    Ana White

    There are a couple of benefits to storing fabric on the wall if you have the space. First, fabric displayed on a wall will double as an art installation. Second, you'll be able to see all the scrap fabric you have, which will make it less likely that you'll purchase duplicates. 

    Clothespin Fabric Storage Rails from Ana White

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    Repurpose an Old Dresser for Fabric Scraps

    Use a dresser for fabric storage
    Cameras and Chaos

    When thinking about where to store your fabric, consider any extra space you have as well as the amount of fabric. If you have the floor space, consider repurposing an old dresser for the job. Remove the drawers and paint the interior. This way, you'll be able to see all the fabric you have on hand. 

    Free Storage is Always a Good Thing from Cameras and Chaos

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    Purchase Fabric Organizer Boards

    fabric storage boards
    The Girl Inspired

    Storing fabric vertically will make it easier to pull the fabric on and off a shelf. However, if you fold the fabric without a board of some kind, it will quickly lose its shape and defeat the purpose of placing it in an upright position. There are fabric organizer boards you can purchase, or if you have a bunch of excess cardboard, you can make some yourself. 

    Misson Reorganization: Fabric Storage from The Girl Inspired

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    Use Hangers Inside a Closet

    fabric on hangers
    iHeart Organizing

    Take advantage of any extra space inside your closet for fabric storage. If you have a bunch of regular hangers, you can use these to organize your fabric. You can also use trouser hangers or hangers that have multiple rods to maximize the space. 

    Reader Space: A Working Wow Factor from iHeart Organizing 

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    Sew a Fabric Storage Bin

    fabric storage bins

    Keeping like fabric together in a bin is a smart move if you find yourself crafting in different areas of your house. When you start a sewing project, you can quickly grab the fabric bin you need and put it away when you're done. One option is to purchase some inexpensive totes, but you could also make your own fabric baskets for this purpose. 

    Sturdy Fabric Basket Pattern from Bluprint

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    Hang Bolts of Fabric on the Wall

    bolts of fabric
    Bonnie Christine

    If you need to store large quantities of fabric, you could store the rolls on dowels. However, another option is to hang the roll of fabric from a hook on the wall. If you have enough rolls, this will make a beautiful accent wall. 

    Wall of Fabric from Bonnie Christine

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    Lean a Ladder or Crib Rail Against a Wall

    ladder for fabric storage
    From House to Home

    Hanging fabric from dowels or rods is ideal because it minimizes the chance of wrinkles and unnecessary creasing. To save some money, think about what you have at home that has rods and upcycle it. Some people have repurposed crib rails. You could also use a wooden ladder as seen here.

    DIY Fabric Storage Ladder from From House to Home

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    Stack Clear Plastic Totes

    craft room closet
    Simplicity in the South

    If you have to store your fabric in an attic or basement area, utilize some air-tight plastic totes. To help stay better organized, make sure the totes are transparent, so you can see what fabric you have in stock. 

    Organizing My Craft Closet from Simplicity in the South

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    Keep Fabric Inside of an Armoire

    armoire fabric storage
    The Craft Patch Blog

    If the idea of having your fabric out in the open doesn't appeal to you, conceal it inside an armoire. An armoire allows you to stack fabric on shelves and get full access to the collection by simply opening two doors. This solution is much less cumbersome than digging through drawers looking for what you need. 

    The Glorious Fabric Storage Armoire from The Craft Patch Blog

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    Roll up Fabric and Put It in Baskets

    rolled up fabric
    Jennifer Maker

    Fleece is hard to store and keep tidy. Instead of folding it, consider rolling it and placing each roll inside a basket. When it comes to fabric storage ideas, this one is easy. Simply purchase some baskets from a craft store and stack them for additional space. The size of the roll will give you a good idea of how much fabric you have left. 

    Fabric Organization Ideas from  Jennifer Maker

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    Organize Fabric by Color Inside Laundry Baskets

    fabric in laundry baskets
    Bee in My Bonnet

    Head to a discount variety store and pick up a dozen or so laundry baskets for this fabric storage idea. To keep everything organized, sort fabrics by color and pick laundry baskets that have large gaps so you can see the fabric from the outside. 

    Fairy Tale Ending from Bee in My Bonnet

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    Store Fabric Remnants in a Vintage Suitcase

    fabric inside vintage suitcase
    Inspired Barn

    For stylish fabric storage, reuse vintage suitcases. Just make sure you don't toss the fabric inside and forget about it. To keep all your fabric remnants in order, print off some labels and wrap them around the entire roll. 

    Organizing Fabric Remnants from Inspired Barn

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    Add Clips to a Pegboard for Hanging Fabric Storage

    pegboard fabric storage
    Fynes Designs

    Pegboards are helpful for organizing all sorts of tools and craft supplies. In most cases, a pegboard can be easily customized to accommodate your needs. This crafter used inexpensive binder clips to hold the fabric together and hang it off a peg. 

    Craft Room Organizing Ideas from Fynes Designs