Create a Wire and Bead Spider

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    Introduction and Materials

    Create a Wire and Bead Spider
    Wire and Bead Spider. Tammy Powley

    Here's a spooky spider you can make by using some craft wire and beads. Then use your imagination to add him to some findings and make some spider jewelry. Or, leave him as is and hanging around to freak out your friends. If you like twisting wire and beading, then you'll enjoy this quick project.

    You’ll need:

    24-gauge craft wire
    1 - 8mm bead
    1 - 12mm bead
    32 -1/4 inch bugle beads
    40 seed beads
    Wire Cutters
    Chain-nosed pliers
    Round-nosed pliers

    For the round beads, I used clear and crystal beads....MORE For the bugle beads, I used black beads. You can use any colors you'd like and make a rainbow of spiders.

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    Add First Spider Bead

    Add First Spider Bead
    Add First Spider Bead. Tammy Powley
    1. Cut craft wire into 4 - 4 1/2 in pieces and 1 - 2 inch piece.

    2. Make a small loop on the end of a 2 inch piece of wire and slip on an 8mm bead.

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    Connect the Wires

    Connect the Wires
    Connect the Wires. Tammy Powley
    2. Group four 4 1/2 inch pieces of wire together. Hold onto the 2 inch piece and use pliers to wrap the group of wires around this piece. (I did it twice.) Then use the pliers to squish the wrapped part of the wires close together. (This doesn’t have to look that good because it won’t show much when you’re finished.)

    3. Spread out the wires - four on either side of the 2 inch piece.

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    Another Spider Bead

    Another Spider Bead
    Another Spider Bead. Tammy Powley
    4. Slip on the 12mm bead and push it tightly against the wrapped wires. Cut off excess wire (approximately 1/2 inch) and make a small loop. Unless you want to use this loop for holding the spider later (for example, on a necklace or decoration of some kind), press the loop flat against the bead, so it’s not sticking out.
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    Add Bugle Beads

    Add Bugle Beads
    Add Bugle Beads. Tammy Powley
    5. Now it’s time to slip the seed beads and bugle beads onto the "legs" of your spider. Make sure they are snug up against the body of the spider. There are 5 seed beads and 4 bugle beads for each of the 8 legs of the spider. Each bead alternates: seed, bugle, seed, bugle, etc. ending with a seed bead.

    6. After adding the beads to the first leg, cut off excess wire and use the round nosed pliers to make a tiny curl at the end of the wire to secure the beads. Flatten the curl using flat...MORE nosed pliers. Repeat this for all 8 legs.

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    Finished Bead and Wire Spider

    Finished Bead and Wire Spider
    Finished Bead and Wire Spider. Tammy Powley
    7. The basic assembly of the spider is now complete. The final step is to curve and bend the legs so that your spider can stand up.

    The finished spider is approximately 1 3/4 inches by 1 1 3/4 inches, so you might want to where it as a pendant. If so, just make sure your loop at the top of the spider (in step 2) is large enough to allow for a chain or cord. If you want to make sure it’s extra secure, you might consider wrapping the wire around itself to make a more secure loop at the top.

    You...MORE could also make some spider earrings (pictured) by just using smaller beads and less wire.