Create a Motorcycle Cover Pattern

Protect Your Bike

Shape for a motorcycle cover pattern
Shape for a motorcycle cover pattern. Debbie Colgrove

A motorcycle can be a big financial investment which means you'll want to take care of it. There are some precautions you should take to prep your bike for the end of the season. One of the simplest things any motorcycle owner can do when storing their bike it to invest in a good cover. 

Protect Your Bike

If you have to store your bike, especially outside, it's important to use a motorcycle cover to protect it from the elements. Wind and rain can do some serious damage to an engine over time. A motorcycle cover is easy to store and travel with to ensure that you can always ready to protect your bike when the need is.

If you have to store your motorcycle inside, especially for a long period of time, using a cover will help protect it from dust. A simple tarp can give you some coverage but a custom-made motorcycle cover will offer the most protection and a little style as well. 

Motorcycle covers use a lot of fabric, but the construction of the cover is simple. If you can sew a hem you can make a motorcycle cover. A sewing machine will make quick work of this project. Since these covers are meant to be protective it's important for the fabric to be sturdy and waterproof.

Creating the Side Pattern

  • Measure the length of the motorcycle, add 2" to the length to allow for easy removal of the cover.
  • Measure the height at various areas of the length, marking them as you measure them, to create a pattern as shown in the photo.
  • Add 1" to the bottom of the side pattern.
  •  Cut 2 of the side pattern.

Center Pattern Piece

  • Measure the widest area of the motorcycle. Allow 3" extra inches to the width (2" for ease and 1" for seam allowances).
  • Measure the top edges of the side pattern piece, 1/4" from the pattern edge. This is the length of the center of the cover.
  • Cut 1 of the center -- the length (of the center) by the width.