4 Cute and Easy Crafts to Make and Sell

crafts to make and sell

Katarina Radovic / Stocksy United

Gear up for your next community craft fair, bazaar, or fundraiser with some fresh ideas. These 4 easy crafts are perfect to make and sell. Your friends, neighbors, and community members will appreciate these cute creations. Pick your favorites, or make them all if you're ambitious. Either way, your craft booth is sure to be the talk of the town.

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    Marbled Phone Case

    Pink-colored office supplies

    Lovely Indeed

    This marbled phone case is a more modern item to add to the usual craft fair spread and an excellent chance to get your teens a little more interested in community activities than usual. Grab some plain phone cases for cheap at a local store, and maybe even check to see if craft stores carry plain cases for crafting purposes.

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    Easy Crochet Baby Cocoon

    Baby cocoon
    Kathryn Vercillo

    This is an unbelievably easy crochet craft with an incredibly cute result. A cocoon keeps a baby warm and snug, and you can make them in many types and colors of yarn. Here's your chance to make it the next big hit at your local craft fair. Just a few easy steps to swaddling your little ones in a sweet little bundle of love.

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    Gold Tropical Leaf Art Print

    Tropical leaf print

    Lovely Indeed

    Bring the tropics home all year round with this very chic gold leaf art print, easy to make and very in vogue. This is a great way to up your game from classic craft fair finds to something a little flashier. Experiment with different leaves and floral designs to spice things up.

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    Pretty Paper Maché Bowls

    Paper mache bowl
    The Spruce

    Kid-made paper maché bowls are a very sweet idea for crafting fair flair. These make for great jewelry holders or just adorable decoration and are a perfect way to involve the young ones in the craft-making fun this year.

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