7 Crafts to Celebrate a Teddy Bear Picnic

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The weather is sunny and it's time to picnic. It’s picnic time for teddy bears! Join in on the fun in the forest with these 7 crafts to celebrate a teddy bear picnic. Make sure to go to the picnic in disguise as a teddy bear!

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    Beehive Piñata

    Canadian Family

    Bears love honey. This DIY beehive piñata is easy to craft and would be a total hit with little kids. I love the tie in with bears and bees!

    Beehive Piñata from Canadian Family

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    Teddy Bear Picnic Baskets

    Make and Takes

    Your kids will have a great time making these teddy-sized paper baskets. Color them with crayons, markers, or paint! 

    Teddy Bear Picnic Baskets from Make and Takes

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    Honey Bear Bottle Bubble Favors

    Katarina’s Paperie

    Recycle old honey bottles into cute little bubble favors. Wouldn’t these be perfect for a teddy bear picnic themed party? Have fun bubbling!

    Honey Bear Bottle Bubble Favors from Katarina’s Paperie

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    Bear S'mores

    Meet the Dubiens

    Bring these delicious bear s’mores to the picnic. These tasty treats are fun and simple to make.

    Bear S’mores from Meet the Dubiens

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    Teddy Bear Art Project

    Crafty Morning

    Use a fork to paint these cute bears. These pictures would look so cute hanging on your fridge.

    Teddy Bear Art Project from Crafty Morning 

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    Simple Bear Craft

    Carrots Are Orange

    This is the easiest bear craft you will find! All you need is construction paper, glue, and a couple of colored sticker dots. 

    Simple Bear Craft from Carrots Are Orange

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    Paddington Bear Party Ideas

    Make and Takes

    Do your kids love Paddington Bear? Try these ideas for a super fun Paddington Bear themed party. Have fun at your teddy bear picnic!

    Paddington Bear Party Ideas from Make and Takes