The 25 Best Crafts for Tweens

rainbow converse diy

A Pumpkin and a Princess

We know that motivating tweens and teens to get involved in family activities can be a tedious task, so we've collected the 25 best at home crafts to make with those "inbetweeners." Trendy, cute, and easy, these projects will bring your tweens out of their bedrooms and back into the family.

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    Lush-Inspired Bath Bombs

    diy bath bombs

    Lovely Indeed

    Love Lush but don't love the prices? This craft is an easy take on homemade bath bombs, made right in your own kitchen. Skip the lines and the store and do it yourself. 

    Fizzy Bath Bombs from The Spruce Crafts

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    Sharpie DIY Dot Flower Pot Craft

    DIY Candy

    In case you haven't been paying attention, we're here to tell you that succulents are all the rage—and there is no doubt your teen knows it. Give those sweet desert plants a home with a DIY sharpie-dot-pot.

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    Make Your Own Stress Ball

    Completed Stress Ball

     Lauren Murphy

    Adolescence is stressful, for both you and your teen. Help alleviate some of that tension with a DIY stress ball that everyone can get in on creating. This is a great party craft for a tween birthday or get-together.

    Make Your Own Stress Ball from The Spruce Crafts

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    Embroider-It-Yourself Beach Towel

    Mollie Johanson

    Personalize a boring beach towel with a monogram, cute quote, or simple design to brighten up a day by the sea or pool. Use old faded favorites or pick up some new towels with quirky designs from the dollar store and get crafting.

    Embroider-It-Yourself Beach Towel from The Spruce Crafts

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    Emoji Magnet Set

    The Surznick Common Room

    If your tween is a heavy texter, this is the craft for them. Emoji magnets are a cute addition to the fridge at home or perfect for a locker at school. React to photos and report cards with heart eyes or a smiley face!

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    Marbled Nail Polish Phone Case

    DIY marbled phone case

    Lovely Indeed

    Marbling is an age-old crafting technique for creating beautiful and effortless design patterns, which your teens will be sure to love. This tutorial shows you how to make a marbled phone case with just a cheap plain case and nail polish. Have your tweens pick their favorite colors and get to work!

    Marbled Nail Polish Phone Case from The Spruce Crafts

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    Upcycled Pop Tab Bracelets

    Destination Decoration

    Pop tab bracelets are a 90s craft trend that definitely needs to come back. Use soda pop tabs or, if your family is into seltzer, seltzer can tabs work just the same.

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    Rainbow Tie Dye Shoes

    A Pumpkin and a Princess

    Don't be afraid to "step" outside of the box and "stand" out! If your personal style simply can't be contained by the regular colored shoes on the market, painting shoes or testing out this DIY rainbow tie dye shoe craft is for you. 

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    DIY Eos Cupcake Lip Balm

    DIY Projects for Teens

    Cute as a cupcake, and they smell just as sweet, these DIY Eos lip balms are super easy to make and super fun, as well as a great way to reuse old Eos containers. This is a great party activity and doubles as a favor for guests to take home.

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    Washi Tape Lightswitch Cover

    Washi Tape Crafts

    We all know the many different uses of washi tape, but have you ever considered a room decoration? Using washi tape to make a trendy lightswitch cover is a great way to do a little bedroom makeover-ing without making any permanent changes.

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    DIY Boho Yarn Wall Hanging

    A Cultivated Nest

    Don't break the bank for an expensive wall hanging from a home goods store, make your very own for a lot less cash and a lot more crafting fun. Beads and feathers and buttons make great accents, as well as getting creative with different colors and thicknesses of yarn.

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    Finger Knitted Snakes

    Red Ted Art

    Teens typically shy away from knitting crafts, but we think this finger knitting activity will get any kid excited about needle crafts (well, maybe there aren't any needles involved). Especially when the end result is so cute!

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    Retro Cassette Gum Holder

    Designs By Miss Mandee 

    Maybe you remember cassettes as if they were yesterday, but to your tweens, they may be as old-school as gramophones. Bring some retro style into the school day with this printable cassette gum holder.

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    Sparkle Tumblers

    Sunshine and Hurricanes

    Help your tweens get creative with their personal style by making a sparkly tumbler to take to school. Reusable plastic tumblers are much more fun than regular water bottles, and better for the environment, too!

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    DIY Glitter Vinyl Tube Bracelet

    A Pumpkin and A Princess

    Here's another 90s trend we're pushing for a comeback! Make your own glitter vinyl tube bracelets with just a few simple steps. They're a major upgrade on classic friendship bracelets and who would say no to glitter?

    DIY Glitter Vinyl Tube Bracelet from A Pumpkin and a Princess

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    Blinged Out Keys

    A Thrifty Mom

    We love this craft because it doubles both as a fun crafting activity and also as a rite of passage. If you're giving your tween their own key to the house for the first time, help them decorate it and make it their own (and especially so it doesn't get lost!).

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    No-Sew Tee Shirt Tote Bag


    The tweenage years are a time of change, especially when it comes to clothes. Whether your kid has grown out of a much loved shirt, or just doesn't want to wear it anymore, turn it into an easy no-sew tote bag to make the old and worn out new again.

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    Duct Tape Emoji Bookmarks

    Schooling A Monkey

    Here's another great emoji-based project. Get your tweens excited about books and away from their phones by bringing emojis into reading time.

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    DIY Marble Mug

    Surviving a Teacher's Salary

    Step up your mug decorating game with a DIY marbled mug. We love how easy it is to transform dollar store finds with just a little color and a lot of wow-factor!

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    DIY "Element Jar" Necklace


    Get in touch with nature with these fun "element jars." Wear them on a necklace or just hang them in your room for some chakra-aligning energy.

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    DIY Watermelon Mason Jars

    Caylin Harris

    Keep summer alive with a DIY watermelon mason jar. Sip on a smoothie or brighten up a bedroom all winter long, no warm weather needed!

    DIY Watermelon Mason Jars from The Spruce Crafts

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    Canvas String Art Graffiti

    Canvas String Art Graffiti

    Love crafting, love having art in your house, but don't have a clue how to paint? This canvas string art graffiti is a perfect way to bring some color into your home and will be much cooler than a landscape painting, in your tween's opinion.

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    Dreamcatcher DIY

    Dear Creatives

    Dreamcatchers come originally from the 1970's but remain a craft and decoration staple all the way up to today. It's possible your tweens are already familiar if they've been to summer camp, but introduce them to this sweet craft with the good intention of keeping nightmares at bay.

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    DIY Recycled Lightbulb Aquarium

    Soap Deli News 

    These little aquariums are simply the cutest, and perfect for decorating the room of any budding environmentalist or oceanographer. Make these with your tween and talk about the importance of saving our oceans.

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    Summery Beaded Barefoot Sandals

    Running With Sisters

    Go barefoot with flare this summer by making a pair of cute beaded barefoot sandals with your tween. Colored beads and fake flowers make for a fun way to feel the grass between your toes this season!