20 Crafts and Activities for Sick Kids

Easy Bedside Crafts and Activities for Kids

Mother and sick child
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There is nothing worse for a kid than having to lay in bed because of some virus or flu bug. Besides being bored, they are bothered by feverish brows and aches. Once the novelty of watching movies and playing games wears off, why not try a craft project? The ideas shared here are easy, can be done in bed using a T.V. tray, and are not too messy. Hopefully, they will take the sick child's mind off their stomach ache, sore throat, and other aches - and especially their boredom - at least for a...MORE little while.

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    Activity Tray Craft

    Activity Tray Craft
    Activity Tray Craft.

    Kids will have fun making this simple activity tray and then they will hopefully be occupied for hours playing with it.

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    Bed Bug Craft

    Bed Bug Craft
    Bed Bug Craft.

    Kids can have fun making this easy bug and then they can use it as a heating pad on their aches and pains.

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    Chalkboard TV Tray

    Chalkboard TV Tray
    Chalkboard TV Tray.

    Learn how you can turn a TV tray into an activity center that is perfect for kids who are stuck in bed.

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    Fleece Snuggle Bag
    Fleece Snuggle Bag.

    You can use a needle and thread to make this fleece craft. Once it is done you can use it to snuggle in until you feel better.

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    Fleece Tied Blanket
    Fleece Tied Blanket.

    You can lay out the fleece pieces on top of yourself in the bed and tie the edges.

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    Warm Fuzzy Craft

    Warm Fuzzy Craft
    Warm Fuzzy Craft.

    While this little furry craft isn't big enough to warm you up, it will certainly warm your heart.

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    Wash Rag Boo-Boo Bunny Craft
    Wash Rag Boo-Boo Bunny Craft.

    This cute bunny is also sometimes called a boo-boo bunny because he can hold an ice cube to help ​soothe bumps and bruises.

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    Home-made Paper Dolls

    Not only will making these paper dolls keep you busy, playing with them will also help pass the time.

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    Beaded Friendship Bracelets

    Do don't need much room to craft several bracelets that you can pass out to everyone you know once you are up and about.

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    Framed Felt Board Craft

    This tutorial explains how to make a felt board that you can use to tell stories with while you are stuck in bed.

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    Invent a Book

    Invent a Book
    Invent a Book.

    One thing you can definitely do while stuck in bed is to write stories and draw pictures. Use these directions to make a book to hold all of your work.

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    Book Worm Bookmark
    Book Worm Bookmark.

    If you are going to spend some of your downtime reading, start off by making this bookmark.

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    Juice Can Lid Memory Game

    Juice Can Lid Memory Game
    Juice Can Lid Memory Game.

    Learn how you can use the lids of your juice cans, or something similar, to great fun games to help keep you entertained.

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    Clothespin Dolls
    Clothespin Dolls.

    These clothespin dolls are easy to make. Make several of them to play with while you are home sick.

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    Egg Carton Bugs Craft

    Egg Carton Bugs Craft
    Egg Carton Bugs Craft.

    Follow these directions to make nice virus bugs that won;t make you sick.

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    Self Portrait Japanese Temari Ball
    Self Portrait Japanese Temari Ball.

    A visitor named Barbara shares these directions for making a self-portrait craft.

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    Sewing Card Craft

    Sewing Card Craft
    Sewing Card Craft.

    Not only can you help pass the time by making the sewing cards, you can help pass the time by sewing them.

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    Tray Toy Craft
    Tray Toy Craft.

    Make this little, portable activity tray that a sick kid can take to bed with them or carry to the doctor's office.