Make a Simple Stamp Out of a Potato

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    The Basics of Potato Stamping

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    Are you a homeschool mom searching for art projects for your children? One of the easiest crafts to make with them is potato stamp art. Kids love it! Children are artistically inclined will especially enjoy it.Even if your child doesn’t have artistic inclinations, he or she will still have fun.Making potato stamps is an easy craft that any child can master, and doesn’t cost very much. You probably already have everything required to get started. All you need is a knife and a potato.

    Potato stamping is a craft that has been around forever. Many of us remember making these stamps as a child at school and having a lot of fun doing so. Some crafts never grow old! Set aside an afternoon and spend some quality time making memories with your kids. You and your children will be glad you did.

    Some Tips to Consider

    These stamps can be a bit messy, so make sure to cover your budding artist with an apron a protective smock. Older children will be able to use a knife to cut the potato, but younger children should use cookie cutters to form the stamp. Cookie cutters are easier and safer for little ones. Potato stamps don’t last a long time. Plan ahead to finish the project in one session.

    Don’t Know What to Make With Potato Stamps?

    Here are some suggestions for potato stamp art projects: gift wrap, greeting cards, and wall art. If you still stumped for ideas take a quick hop over to Pinterest and check out these potato stamp boards for more ideas. These boards have many beautiful examples of children’s stamping projects that will quickly inspire you.

    Han Robbins Potato Stamp Art

    Rachel Guy Potato Stamp Art

    Vlada Ruzhitskaya  Stamps and Crafts

    Ilene Price Stamps

    Supplies Needed:

    • Potatoes (preferable Idaho because they are bigger and have more space to carve out stamps)
    • Sharp paring knife
    • Cookie cutters
    • Sharpie markers
    • Paper towels
    • Paint or stamp pads
    • Paper plates
    • Plastic or newspaper to protect your work surface (this craft can be quite messy)
    • An apron or some protective clothing.
    • Plastic or newspaper to protect your floor from paint spills
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    Prepare Your Potato for the Stamp Making Process

    stamp made from a potato
    Rita Shehan
    1. Wash and dry the potato
    2. Cut the potato in half with a sharp knife ( Always remember to cut away from yourself. Safety first!)
    3. Draw the shape of the stamp with a marker or sharpie pen, if you plan to cut the stamp freehand with a paring knife.
    4. You may choose to use a cookie cutter to make the stamp. This option is best when you are working with small children. A cookie cutter is safer than a paring knife and guarantees that your stamps shape will be perfect with sharp, clean edges.


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    Cut the Potato into a Stamp Shape Using a Knife or Cookie Cutter

    rubber stamp made from potato
    Rita Shehan


    1. If you drew the stamp image onto the potato, cut around the picture carefully about one-half inch thick. Then cut the excess from the side of the potato with a knife and remove.
    2. If you are using a cookie cutter, press the cookie cutter firmly into the potato about one-half inch deep.
    3. Remove the cookie cutter from the potato.
    4. Use a knife to cut the excess potato away from the stamp. An adult will have to help with this step.
    5. Wipe the potato dry with a paper towel.
    6. Keep the potato stamp face down on a paper towel when not using. Doing so will help absorb the excess moisture from the potato.
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    Decide Whether to Use Traditional Stamps or Craft Paint

    potato stamp craft
    Rita Shehan

    You may use a traditional stamp pad or craft paint for your stamping projects.Regular stamp pads are cleaner and easier to use, which might be a factor to consider when working with kids. Craft paints will produce an opaque print whereas stamps pad inks are transparent. You have to decide what look you are trying to achieve in your art project.

    Craft Paint Instructions:

    1. Put some paint on a paper plate.
    2. Dip the potato stamp firmly into the paint and make sure the entire stamping area is covered evenly with a coat of paint.
    3. Press the potato down firmly onto the paper you wish to stamp.

    Traditional Stamp Instructions:

    1. Place the potato face down onto the stamp pad.
    2. Dab the potato covering the surface with ink.
    3. Press the potato firmly onto the print surface.
    4. Lift the potato from the paper. Do not slide the potato back and forth over the paper because this will cause the stamp to smear.

    Whatever type of stamping project you choose to make with your kids, everyone will have a good time and a feeling of artistic satisfaction. Who would have thought the simple potato could be so much fun?