Free Sewing Patterns for Any Type of Tissue Package

Having a tissue on hand when you need one is great if the tissue isn't so beat up and dirty that it's unusable. Tissue covers make a great get-well gift and can spruce up a box of tissues for any holiday using the free patterns you'll find listed below.

Generic brands can save you money because they cost less but aren't always packaged as pretty as brand names. Solve the difference by making your own pretty covers and filling them with generic brands.

The variety of novelty print fabrics that are available, make the possibilities endless! Remember the teacher, babysitter, and club leader gifts. These covers make a great gift for any adult that works with a group. Fill with a box of tissues to make it a truly usable gift!

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    Free Directions to Sew a Pocket Pack Tissue Cover- Slit Front Style

    Finished pocket pack tissue cover
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    The opening in this cover copies the opening in the actual tissue packet and makes them always accessible. Travel pocket packs of tissues are great to have in your purse, but all too often the plastic rips and the tissues are a mess before you were ready to use. Solve the problem by keeping the tissues secure and clean in this fabric tissue cover.​

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    Free Directions to Sew a Fabric Envelope Style Travel Tissue Cover

    Travel Tissue Covers
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    This cover securely contains the tissues and keeps them from being soiled. It is also a great container for sanitary pads and some ​tampons to keep them securely hidden from view, for a young lady to have in her purse. Make a couple to have them ready for any need. These are a great gift for almost anyone, but young ladies like having this option to "hide" their personal needs.

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    Free Pattern and Directions to Sew Fabric Tissue Box Covers

    Sew Your Own Tissue Box Covers
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    Sometimes you need a small gift to bring a sick friend or a gift for a teacher or someone you don't know very well. A bright, cheerful tissue box cover with a box of tissues is bound to be appreciated. Make extra to have on hand or in holiday fabric to spruce up your home for every holiday! A ​schoolhouse print makes a great teacher's gift.

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    Toilet Tissue Covers

    Bathroom tissue roll cover patterns
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    Sew your own covers for bathroom tissue to keep a spare roll handy but dressed at the same time. Sewing your own allows you to have a color you like that will match your home decor. Consider making them as a gift if you know the colors of your recipient's bathroom.