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DIY Mouse ears costume

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How to Make Mouse Ears for a Costume

What to do when it's the last minute and you don't have a Halloween costume yet for yourself or your kiddos? You came to the right place! These adorable DIY mouse ears are the perfect solution to a quick and affordable Halloween costume. A little search through your closet can finish off the rest of the costume. Just add some well-placed whiskers, and you're ready for trick-or-treating, parties, and celebrations.

Gather Your Materials

Materials for DIY mouse ears
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As you are gathering your materials to create your DIY Halloween costume, start by looking through your closet. Take a look at what you have available. Great colors to complete your mouse costume include gray, tan, white, or pink. Use the colors that you already have to help decide what colors to make your felt ears.


  • Plain headband
  • Felt in your color of choice
  • Pale pink felt
  • E-6000 glue (hot glue would work as well)
  • Removable adhesive-backed velcro
  • Black eyeliner
  • Basic clothing in gray, tan, white, or pink (this could be a dress, leggings, or overalls)


  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Something round, like a coaster or cup

Trace Circles

Tracing felt for DIY mouse ears
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Start by tracing circles on your felt to create a basic shape for the ears. Use a ballpoint pen to trace onto your felt; trace onto the backside if your felt has a front and back.

Finish Tracing

Tracing felt for DIY mouse ears
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Complete tracing your circles. You should have two circles for each ear, set about 1/2" apart and connected by straight lines. The straight lines create a little space so that you can fold the felt around your headband and glue the two circles together.

Glue and Fold

Glued felt for DIY mouse ears
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Cut out your shapes. Spread glue on one circle, but not the area that connects the circles. Fold the other circle over on top of the glued circle to create a stack of two circles. Leave the connecting area open; this is where you will slide the headband in to attach the ears to the headband.

Add Pink and Trim

DIY felt mouse ears
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Cut a little patch of pink for each ear and glue it on. You can freehand this cut if you like, depending on the size and shape of pink that you prefer. Then, to elongate the ears slightly, trim away a bit of each side and shape them to your preference. You'll repeat this process with both ears so that you have two complete ears, folded and glued, with pink on them, trimmed if you like.

Slide Ears on Headband and Add Makeup

DIY felt mouse ears
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Once the glue on both of the ears is completely dry, slide the headband through the open section for each ear. Center them on the headband in the place you would like them and nestle the headband into your hair so that the headband is somewhat hidden but the ears peek up out of your hair. Then, use black eyeliner to draw on a small nose and three whiskers on both cheeks.

Add a Pink Tummy

Simple DIY mouse costume
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Cut out a large oval of pink felt. Using the removable adhesive velcro, place a small piece of velcro on the top, bottom, and sides of the pink oval. Peel the backing off of the adhesive and carefully adhere it to your top in the corresponding area where you want the mouse tummy to be. After you're done wearing your costume, you'll be able to remove the velcro and keep the shirt. Happy haunting!