How to Make Costume Mouse and Cat Ears

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    Create Mouse and Cat Ears

    Finished Mouse Ears
    Finished Mouse Ears. Debbie Colgrove

     As long as kids have loved playing dress up cat and mouse costumes have been a make-believe staple. Even adults occasionally break out a pair of cat ears when they're in need of a no fuss costume. Some felt and a hairband is basically all you need to make a quick and inexpensive costume that can be reused. These easy directions are perfect for school plays, Halloween or just as a cute fashion accessory. There's minimal sewing required here and the results are adorable. You can even use some of the extra felt to make a little tail.

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    Materials Needed

    • Headband
    • Gray Felt (enough to cut two ears and a strip to cover the headband.)
    • Pink Felt  (for the inside of ear)
    • Fusible web such as Stitch Witchery or Wonder Under.
    • Print out of cat ear pattern
    • Print out of mouse ear pattern
    • Glue To adhere the felt to cover the headband.

    Note: To make these ears in fur, please follow the same basic procedure as described in the Bunny Ears Directions. While gray and pink are used here you can swap them out for any color you prefer. The headband will be covered in felt so it doesn't matter what color you start out with, the intent is to hide it. 

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    Cut and Fuse

    Cut & Fuse
    Debbie Colgrove
    • Cut two of the full ear pattern out of the gray felt.
    • Cut two of the inner part of the ear pattern out of pink felt with fusible web fused on the back.
    • Cut a strip of gray felt to match the outer side of the headband.
    • Lining up the center markings, fuse the pink felt to the top of each piece of gray felt that was cut for ears.
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    Snip Markings

    Snip Markings
    Debbie Colgrove

    On the two sideline markings, make a snip, through both layers of felt approximately 1/4" into the ear.

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    Debbie Colgrove
    • Fold the ear on the snip line and bring the snipped lines to the center line.
    • Fold the side edges of the ear forward and the back section flat, towards the back of the ear.
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    Attaching the Ears

    Fold & Glue
    Debbie Colgrove
    • Working from the center of the felt band which you cut to cover the headband, place one side front folded piece of the ear next to the center of the felt band.
    • Place the rear flat fold to the back of the band and the front fold of the other side of the ear towards the front of the band. Stitch each section into place
    • Repeat for the other ear.
    • Glue the felt band to the headband. Use clothespins to hold it in place if extra stability is needed. Once the glue has fully dried your cat or mouse ears are ready to be worn.