Costume Bunny Ears or Head Piece

Children wearing costume bunny ears
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    Costume Bunny Ears Materials and Pattern

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    Add more cuteness to your child's  Easter outfit, or costume with this free pattern for bunny ears. Beginners can use felt for a lower level of difficulty, and more experienced sewers can use fur. It's up to you depending on your experience and time available. 

    Materials Needed

    • Purchased headband
    • Fur fabric or felt: An economical source for fur is old fur coats at thrift stores 
    • Pink Felt for inside of ear
    • Long pipe cleaners or craft wire (approximately 2 yards divided into two 1 yard pieces)
    • Heavy tape (electrical, masking or duct)
    • Optional: Fusible web such as Stitch Witchery
    • Thread: I recommend that you use button and carpet thread for the hand sewing.
    • Print out of pattern
    • Optional: glue or spray adhesive and enough of the body of the ear fabric to cover the headband.
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    Cutting Instructions

    Cutting Instructions to Sew Bunny Ears
    Cutting Instructions. Debbie Colgrove
    1. Cut two of the full ear pattern out of fur or felt
    2. Cut two of the full pattern piece out of the pink felt
    3. Cut two of the pattern section between the pink and black line (area with slashes) from felt or fur (body of ear fabric), to create the two front side sections.
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    Ear Front

    Ear Front
    Ear Front. Debbie Colgrove
    1. Lay the two side front sections on top if the pink felt sections.
    2. If using fur, push the "hair" towards the center and line up the outer edges. Zigzag the edges together. This will help stabilize the pieces to stitch the center edges down.
    3. Push the fur away from the center and zig-zag the fur to the pink felt. (If you are using felt for the body of the ear you may opt to fuse the edges to the pink felt.)​
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    Joining Front & Back

    Joining Front & Back
    Joining Front & Back. Debbie Colgrove
    1. Take a full back piece and a pink centerpiece. Lay them right sides together and stitch them together using a 1/8 to 1/4 inch seam allowance. Do not stitch the bottom of the ear.
    2. I found it easiest to zig-zag the edges together and then run a row of straight stitching on the inside edge of the zig zag. You must form a strong seam for when you turn the ear right sides out.
    3. Repeat for the second ear.
    4. Turn right side out.
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    Attaching the Ears & Costume Ideas

    Attaching the Ears
    Attaching the Ears. Debbie Colgrove
    1. Using two sections of wire, bend the ends and crimp them against the wire. Wrap the crimped ends with tape. This will prevent the ends of the wire from poking through the fabric or poking children who are bound to want to play with the ears.
    2. Fold each section of wire in half. Work the folded wire into the ear, getting the fold into the top of the ear. Spread the wire towards the side seams.
    3. Use the extra wire to attach the ears to a headband. Leave enough wire to work the taped ends up into the ear.
    4. Hand sew one side of the ear around the band to the other side of the ear, pulling tightly on the thread to stabilize the ear. Repeat for both ears.
    5. Use spray adhesive or glue to cover the headband with fur if desired.