13 Cool Copper DIY Projects for Your Home

copper pipe magazine rack
Copper Pipe Magazine Rack Pillar Box Blue

There's no doubt about it: metallics have the power to elevate almost anything to glamorous new heights. Specific metallic finishes--just like colors and patterns--come in and out of style when it comes to home decor. Brass was the big thing in the 1980s, followed by cool metals such as silver in the late '90s. Now, almost anything goes when it comes to metals; mixing metals and finishes is even encouraged. 

That being said, however, copper is definitely having its moment to shine. Copper's rosy glow complements lots of color palettes. It contrasts beautifully with jewel-toned blues and greens and warms up lighter hues like Rose Quartz and Serenity. When copper couples with black and white, it has a modern appeal.

While spray paint is one of the quickest ways to give objects a metallic glow, copper materials--unlike gold--have the added advantage of being relatively inexpensive and easy to find. A trip to your local hardware store, in fact, will yield copper wire, coil, tape, pipe fittings, and even contact paper that will help you transform humble items into chic home decor. Here are thirteen project ideas to inspire you.

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    Copper DIY Home Projects

    copper coil vase
    Copper Coil Vase Always Rooney

    Copper coil pipe from the plumbing section of the hardware store can inspire loads of project possibilities, and a five-foot length costs less than ten dollars. Here, it's simply wound around a simple glass cylinder vase (you can pick these up at the dollar store) to give it a style that only looks expensive. One single green leaf makes a contemporary, organic statement.

    Project Source for Copper Coil Vase: Always Rooney

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    Copper Coil Sculpture

    copper coil sculpture
    DIY Copper Coil Sculpture Pennies for a Fortune

    Have leftover copper coil from the above project? Great! Twist it into a free form shape to make an objet d'art that will add style to a coffee table or bookcase. Give it height by placing it on top of a stack of books.

    Project Source for Copper Coil Sculpture: Pennies for a Fortune

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    Copper Fridge Magnets

    copper letter magnets
    Copper Fridge Magnets Kojodesigns

    Coat those primary-colored alphabet fridge magnets with copper spray paint so your kids can enjoy playing with them, and you can enjoy looking at them. 

    Project Source for Copper Fridge Magnets: Kojodesigns

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    Copper Edged Mirror

    copper edged mirror
    Round Mirror with DIY Copper Edge Makers Society

    A frameless round mirror is elevated to style maker status by adding copper tape to its edge. Tape like this can be found in the garden section of hardware stores (believe it or not, it deters snails and slugs), and also at most craft stores as a common supply for making stained glass.

    Project Source for Copper Edged Mirror: Makers Society

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    Glass and Copper Coasters

    diy glass coasters
    DIY Glass Coasters Home Made Modern

    Protect surfaces from the damage cold and hot drinks can cause with a DIY set of coasters made from sandwiching decorative paper (you could also use photographs) between two squares of glass. These have edges sealed with copper tape to give them a sophisticated, store-bought look.

    Project Source for Glass and Copper Coasters

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    Copper Faux Beveled Mirror

    mirror with copper tape
    Mirror with Copper Tape Kicsihaz

    Here's another project to make with copper tape. This inexpensive dorm-room-type mirror received a major facelift. Copper tape applied to its edges and on the mirror itself creates a beveled look that would fool the most discerning eyes. 

    Project Source for Faux Beveled Mirror: Kicsihaz

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    Copper Pipe Magazine Rack

    copper pipe magazine rack
    Copper Pipe Magazine Rack Pillar Box Blue

    The hardware aisle has become prime hunting-ground for do-it-yourself home decorators. Copper pipe and plumbing fittings are especially versatile materials for making trendy home decor, including candle holders. This sling, for instance, is made from a pair of old jeans and copper plumbing supplies. It will work hard to support your magazine habit, and look great, too!

    Project Source for Copper Pipe Magazine Rack: Pillar Box Blue

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    Copper Pipe Plant Stand

    copper pipe plant stand
    DIY Copper Pipe Plant Stand eHow

    This mid-century modern plant stand is a dead-ringer for designer versions from retailers such as West Elm. With just a few plumbing supplies and tools, you can give your houseplants a boost, getting them off the floor and closer to natural light sources. As an added bonus, copper looks great with green.

    Project Source for Copper Pipe Plant Stand: eHow

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    Copper Fitting Napkin Rings

    copper fitting napkin rings
    Copper Fitting Napkin Rings The Knot

    Add a trendy touch to your table with these copper cuffs fashioned from--you guessed it!--copper pipe. Napkin holders this pretty will steal the spotlight and make even simple linen napkins look special. (Just be sure to sand the edges of the pipe first so it won't snag material or injure your fingers!)

    Project Source for Copper Fitting Napkin Rings: The Knot

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    Copper Wire Leaf Sculptures

    copper wire leaf sculptures
    Copper Wire Leaf Sculptures Lia Griffith

    Copper wire--which is much thinner than the copper coil and can be found in the electrical aisles of hardware stores--is also malleable and useful for making all kinds of things. These leaf-like sculptures would lend organic elegance to a mantel, or add interest to built-in bookcases.

    Project Source for Copper Wire Leaf Sculptures: Lia Griffith

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    Wine Bottle Vases with Copper Wire

    wine bottle vases with copper wire
    Wine Bottle Vases with Copper Wire Home Made Modern

    Upcycle a few mini wine bottles by turning them into an interesting bud vase wrapped with copper wire. Insert single, simple stems such as Gerbera daisies for a modern look, or fill them with wildflowers or baby's breath for a farmhouse feel.

    Project Source for Wine Bottle Vases with Copper Wire: Home Made Modern

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    Copper Wire Word Art

    copper wire word art
    Copper Wire Word Art Copper Dot Interiors

    Create typographic art with thin-gauge copper wire by bending it into meaningful words or phrases. Frame your wire word for an interesting addition to a gallery wall, or adhere it to a piece of weathered wood to make an interesting sign. 

    Project Source for Copper Wire Word Art: Copper Dot Interiors

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    Vases with Copper Triangles

    vase with copper contact paper triangles
    Vase with Copper Triangles Tell Love and Party

    Did you know there was such a thing as copper contact paper? Imagine the possibilities! Cut shapes or words out of this useful, adhesive-backed material to adorn any number of things such as trays, picture frames, boxes or--in this case--vases. Here, a modern, geometric shape gives plain vases an expensive-looking makeover.

    Project Source for Vases with Copper Triangles: Tell Love & Party

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