Conversion Charts for Embroidery Thread and Floss

Embroidery thread and needle

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Many patterns, kits, books, or magazine projects list the particular brand or type of embroidery thread or embroidery floss used in the featured project. This is most commonly the designer's favorite or the brand that is most common in the area. Sometimes projects are even presented by thread companies.

If you prefer to use a different brand of thread rather than the one recommended in a project, a conversion chart will help you find the corresponding color numbers for threads produced by other manufacturers. This is helpful when you enjoy working with a particular type of floss, are looking for a more cost-effective thread, or you are unable to locate a particular brand.

Most of the conversions are done by independent stores or websites and not officially published by the manufacturers. And while you could try to compare colors based on photos, it's hard to be accurate. Color charts are typically made by comparing actual skeins or spools, saving you time and potential error.

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    DMC Color Cards

    DMC Color Card


    DMC's color cards aren't so much a conversion chart as they are a great reference, tool. They are available in two versions. The most common that you'll find is a printed card showing all of the colors, but if you order from its website, it also offers a version with actual thread samples for more accurate color matching.

    Both versions have a chart next to each color showing which of its products (stranded floss and Perle cotton in multiple sizes) are available in different colors.

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    Dmc to Cosmo From Thimble Creek

    Cosmo embroidery floss

    Mollie Johanson

    Lecien, a Japanese company known for its fabric, makes Cosmo embroidery floss, which is a thread that many embroiderers love for its smoothness and slightly matte finish. Thimble Creek created this helpful chart for switching back and forth between DMC and Cosmo colors.

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    DMC to Aurifloss From Filanthrope

    Aurifloss thread spools in a row

    Mollie Johanson

    Aurifil is still new to embroidery floss, but its Aurifloss (packaged on wooden spools) is quickly becoming popular with stitchers and quilters alike. Alex Veronelli, CBDO for Aurifil, recommends the conversion chart created by Filanthrope.

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    DMC Light Effects to Kreinik

    DMC and Kreinik Metallic Threads
    © Mollie Johanson

    If you like working with woven metallics, rather than twisted metallic threads, this chart will help you convert DMC Light Effects colors to Kreinik #4 Braid.

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    CyberStitchers Conversion Tool

    Cyber Stitchers Conversion Tool
    Cyber Stitchers

    This website features thread conversion charts for kit projects as well as individual manufacturers. The charts are interactive, so you can type in what you're searching for.

    Here's a look at what it offers:

    Manufacturer's Thread Conversions
    DMC to Anchor, J&P Coats, and Sullivans
    Anchor to DMC, J&P Coats, and Sullivans
    J&P Coats to DMC, Anchor, and Sullivans
    Sullivans to J&P Coats to DMC, and Anchor

    Kit Conversions
    Bucilla to DMC, Anchor, J&P Coats, and Sullivans
    DesignWorks to DMC
    Dimensions to DMC, Anchor, J&P Coats, and Sullivans
    Candamar to DMC, Anchor, J&P Coats, and Sullivans

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    Anchor to DMC from YarnTree

    DMC to Anchor Conversion Chart

    Yarn Tree

    Anchor embroidery floss is a brand of embroidery thread that has been around for many years. YarnTree offers online and downloadable PDF versions of the following conversion charts for handy reference:

    • Anchor Floss to DMC
    • DMC to Anchor Floss
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    DMC, Anchor, and Cosmo to Presencia Finca

    sub chart for threads

    Colonial Needle Company, the U.S. supplier of Presencia threads, has handy charts for converting several thread brands to Presencia Finca, both for mouline floss and Perle cotton.

    • DMC to Presencia
    • Anchor to Presencia
    • Cosmo to Presencia
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    Conversions to Sullivans

    Sullivans Conversion Chart

    Sullivans USA offers conversion charts to change out its thread colors from DMC, Anchor, and J&P Coats all in one guide that you can flip through online or by downloading as a PDF. It also has an online conversion system that lets you search by typing in a Sullivans or DMC number, or you can search visually by color.

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    Weeks Dye Works to DMC From Stitches 'n' Things

    Weeks Dye Works Conversion Chart
    Stitches 'n' Things

    The threads from Weeks Dye Works and hand dyed and have a subtle variation of colors within each color, so this conversion chart from Stitches 'n' Things often lists multiple colors for each conversion. Choose one color or blend multiple colors for a better match.