Connie G. Barwick

Connie G. Barwick, your Guide to Cross Stitch, has been an avid Cross Stitcher for more than forty years. She enjoys teaching people basic stitches, designing patterns, challenging advanced stitchers with more difficult designs, and sharing tips and tricks with experienced stitchers.

Connie's patterns are inspired by her varied interests which include reading, music, and exploring her natural surroundings. She also particularly enjoys designing and stitching geometric patterns. Some of the free charts at Cross Stitch are also based on questions or suggestions from Cross Stitch members.


When Connie was eight, she completed her first Stamped Cross Stitch design. She transitioned to Counted Cross Stitch a few years later and has been hooked since. She developed her knowledge of Cross Stitch with help from other stitchers, by reading books and magazines, and by trying out new techniques. She continues to expand her knowledge by reading current Cross Stitch publications and trying out new products and techniques. She enjoys attending trade shows and meeting up with local stitchers to discuss projects and spends many hours fellow-shipping with stitchers via her Facebook account.

Connie G. Barwick

Over the years, I have probably made every Cross Stitch mistake possible, but I used those learning experiences to improve my stitching. I love teaching beginning stitchers and discussing stitching techniques with experienced stitchers.

I really enjoy designing patterns, especially abstract geometrics and samplers. Some of my favorite designs are based on quilt blocks.

No matter where I have lived or what type of work I have done, Cross Stitch has been a constant companion. I’ve stitched between classes, in ICU waiting rooms, on my lunch hour - I take a project with me wherever I go. I even dream about Cross Stitch!

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