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Connect the Dots Games for All Ages of Kids

It benefits their development
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These connect the dots games for kids are a great way to help kids learn and practice their counting, skip-counting, and even the alphabet. They won't mind that they're learning because these games are bright, colorful, and most importantly, fun. 

The connect the dots online games have the kids use their mouse to click or hover from one number/letter to the next, slowly revealing the picture. They move up in skill level, and you may even find that you like completing the more challenging...MORE puzzles. 

If you're looking for a more traditional way for your child to play connect the dots, check out these printable connect the dots worksheets. There are many other printable activities for kids that they might enjoy as well.

Find other educational online games for kids like online color by numbers and online mazes.

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    An animals connect the dots game
    Primary Games

    Primary Games has almost a dozen free Connect the Dots games where you click and drag the mouse to create a line from each number.

    Finish the puzzle by connecting back to the number one and you'll unveil what object the shape creates.  

    There is an animal connect the dot game that is great for all year around, but there are also dot to dot games for Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Winter, Hanukkah, Autumn, Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. 

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    Connecting the dots game at ABCYa

    There are two connect the dots games over at ABCya, one with letters and one with numbers. 

    An ABC connect the dots game guides kids through the uppercase alphabet to reveal a picture by clicking on each letter in alphabetical order. 

    There's also a Connect the Dots by numbers where you can choose to play numbers 1-10, 1-20, 11-30, 21-40, 31-50, 41-60, 51-70, 61-80, 71-90, or 81-100.

    Both of these puzzles say the letter or number out loud when your child clicks on them, reinforcing what they're learning. 

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    Connecting the dots online to form a picture

    The kids will love this colorful connect the dots online game where they connect each number with a line. After it's completed, a picture of an invention will appear

    These puzzles can also be printed out so they can be completed offline and hints are provided if the kids get stuck.

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    A connect the dots game forming a rabbit

    Coloring4all has 20 connect the dots online games that vary in skill level. Click on one of the pictures and then have the kids use their mouse to complete the picture.

    A fun fact about the picture they are revealing is shown below each puzzle.

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    The Dot a Pix game at Games XL
    Games XL

    Games XL has a large handful of free connect the dots games that vary in skill level and style.

    The Dot-a-Pix game is the truest connect the dots game, and it has three levels that each have 10 games. The game will check your work and show a solution if you'd like to see one before you're finished. 

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    Connecting the dots to form an apple
    Soft Schools

     Soft Schools has 20 Connect the Dots games that include counting by 1's, counting by 2's, and connecting the dots alphabetically. 

    There are many fun shapes to form with these games including a turkey, panda, guitar, airplane, car, pencil, and more. 

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    Connecting the dots to form a fish

    There are 12 free connect the dots games here, each one becoming more difficult.

    Choose a color for your virtual pencil and have fun completing puzzles of fish, butterflies, polar bears, birds, dinosaurs, frogs, and more. 

    The lines connect themselves when you get close to a dot, making these great games for younger children who are practicing their counting.