Making Confetti Filled Eggs

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    How to Make a Paper Confetti Filled Egg Also Known as Cascaron

    paper confetti filled eggs
    Photo: Rita Shehan

    This spring have some fun making confetti eggs with your children. If you haven't ever heard of confetti eggs, and they had never been part of your family customs, you may be curious, and want to try crafting some. They are quite easy to create but do take a little bit of time.

    Although confetti eggs might be new to you, they have been around for a long time. Confetti eggs have their origins in China and were brought to Europe by Marco Polo in the 13th century. At that point, the eggs were filled with a scented powder and were used as part of the courting ritual. Men would throw the eggs at women they desired to impress.

    Eventually, the tradition of the confetti egg traveled to Mexico and became an important part of the Latin culture. The Latin’s replaced the scented powder with confetti and used the eggs for many of their festivities. The Latin and American cultures blended along the southern border, and the confetti egg (called Cascarón in Mexico) became an Easter holiday tradition.

    After the confetti eggs are made, the tradition is to break an egg over your friend or loved one's head while they make a wish. The confetti flies all over when the egg is broken. This practice is sure to please the younger participants in your spring holiday celebrations.

    Whatever the reason for making paper filled party eggs, the tradition is here to stay. The fun will never go out of style.

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    Supplies Needed to Make a Paper Confetti Filled Egg

    Egg with hole
    Photo: Rita Shehan

    Supplies Needed:

    • raw eggs
    • pins or sharp knife
    • egg dye (optional)
    • acrylic paint (optional)
    • white glue
    • paintbrush
    • tissue paper
    • glitter (optional)
    • homemade, or store-bought confetti
    • a sheet of paper to make a funnel


    1. Using a pin or the point of a sharp knife crack the top of an egg gently several times until you have an approximately one-half inch hole.
    2. Pour the egg out of the shell into a container, and save the raw egg for cooking at a later date.
    3. Wash out the eggshell completely with soap and water.
    4. Let the eggshell dry completely.
    5. Remove the inner skin of the eggshell.
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    Color the Eggshell With Food Coloring or Paint

    Purple painted egg
    Photo: Rita Shehan

    6. Color the egg with Easter die or paint the eggshell with acrylic paint.

    7. Let the egg dry completely.

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    Fill the Egg with Paper Confetti and Seal With Tissue Paper

    Sealed Confetti Egg
    Photo: Rita Shehan

    8. You can either use store-bought confetti or make your own. I used a paper hole punch to cut small circles out of shiny silver wrapping paper, but you can use any paper. Many people like to use tissue paper because it is light and comes in a variety of colors.

    9. Make a funnel out of a sheet of paper.

    10. Fill the egg with confetti using the tube.

    11. When the egg is one-half to three-quarters full, glue a small circle of tissue paper onto the hole. The tissue paper will seal the confetti inside of the egg.

    12. If you are using acrylic paints, you can paint the tissue paper seal the same color as the rest of the egg.

    13. Let the seal dry.

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    Decorate Your Eggs With Shiny Glitter

    Glittered Confetti Eggs
    Photo: Rita Shehan


    If you like to make shiny party favors,  you may decide to add glitter to your eggs. All you have to do is brush some white glue onto the egg and roll the egg in glitter.

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    Find a Friend and Smash an Egg on Their Head

    Let the fun begin! Find a friend and smash a confetti egg over his head while he makes a wish. This tradition is sure to be a hit with the younger participants of your celebration. Part of the importance of family gathering and traditions is making beautiful memories. Your children will look back fondly on their childhoods when remembering fun family activities and events. Confetti eggs will be one of those party traditions that they will want to pass on to their children.