Commercial Sewing Pattern Companies

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A commercial sewing pattern is going to be a printed guide to creating the item designed by the pattern company. Those designs offer you details that you won't find in a free pattern on the Internet. Pattern company websites also offer you detailed information that you may not find in a pattern envelope.

Take your time and browse for sales and opportunities.

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    Butterick Patterns

    Almost everyone is familiar with Butterick patterns. Their website features patterns broken down by categories for ease in finding the type of pattern you are looking for. Take your time to browse all the options available on their ​homepage. Bargains, sales, and clearances all seem to be announced on their index page.

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    McCall's Pattern Company

    McCall's patterns are well known. The McCall's site offers all of their patterns with category links for easy browsing to find the type of pattern you are looking for. Their websites feature bargains, sales and other methods of finding bargains on sewing patterns.

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    Vogue Sewing Pattern Company

    If you are looking for patterns with designer quality and details, you want to explore the Vogue website. Their index offers you the opportunity to browse their patterns by category and by the designer. Out-of-print and clearance patterns are also browsing options.

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    Simplicity and New Look Sewing Patterns

    In the northeast of the USA, Simplicity, and New Look patterns are by far the most common to run across and the most easily accessible. Their website will guide you through all of the sales, bargains, availability and more regarding their patterns. It's well worth your time to explore everything on their website before you head out to the store. There is also a way to get free shipping from the website.

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    Indygo Junction Pattern Company

    Amy Barickman's Indygo Junction is a wonderful site to explore for sewing patterns, notions and other sewing related items. Her patterns are unique and bound to make you smile. She offers clothing, accessories, toys, decorations and many bag patterns, with her collection of patterns always growing. Sign up for her e-newsletter to see new items as they are released.

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    Jalie Patterns

    Jalie Patterns offer a vast assortment of designs with many equestrian, dance, skating and other exercise type options included in their collection. The Jalie website offers direct ordering but also offers you the information to find a Jalie retailer near you possibly.

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    Saf-T-Pockets Patterns

    This company's focus is on patterns that are fantastic items to have in your wardrobe if and when you travel. Not to say you have to travel to enjoy these patterns, but the options are fantastic form secure pockets and many pockets.

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    Great Copy Patterns

    Navigate this site to find wonderful patterns and more. Great Copy Patterns offer baby items, dresses, skirts, jackets and coats, outerwear, pants, and shorts as well as tees and pullovers. We've had the pleasure of their Polarfleece Pizzazz books and recommend them to anyone who likes Polar Fleece fabric.

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    L.J. Designs

    There is a wide collection of patterns available on this site. Be sure to browse all the pattern sections, so you don't miss a single option.

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    Petite Plus Patterns

    The patterns offered at Petite Plus Patterns are specifically designed for petite plus-sized women. Take your time and browse all of the options—a real find for expanding your wardrobe with clothing designed for your size.

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    Islander Sewing Systems

    Islander Sewing Systems state; "If you like to sew, learn our techniques you will LOVE to sew!" They offer patterns, DVDs, and books to guide you through anything you want or need to know. Their patterns include patterns for men as well as women. Their selection of men's dress shirts offers many options.​

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    Wildly Wonderful Wearables

    If you're looking for patterns with a bit of zip and a lot of possibilities, you must visit Wildly Wonderful Wearables. They offer vests, jackets and original wall hanging patterns and more. They all come with endless possibilities for elegant to just plain fun to wear.