11 Colorful Dye DIYs To Make

Add some color with these crafty do it yourself projects.

The dip dying trend is still holding strong as it is an easy way to change the look of anything in your home. Completely change the look of your home textiles or clothing with a bit of dye.

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    DIY Dyed Ceramic Spoons
    DIY Dyed Ceramic Spoons. Make And Tell

    Add some detailing to your asian soup spoons to pick up on the colors found in your dishes with a quick do it yourself project by Make And Tell that takes seconds to do. Dip the end of your spoon into a bottle of ceramic paint to dip dye them.

    DIY Dyed Ceramic Spoons from Make And Tell

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    DIY Watercolor Striped Napkins
    DIY Watercolor Striped Napkins. Almost Makes Perfect

    Get ready for your next party by making a set of beautiful colorful napkins that would be perfect for spring and summer celebrations. Using fabric dye and a wet paint brush you can free-hand paint lines on white napkins that will look like watercolor stripes.

    DIY Watercolor Striped Napkins from Almost Makes Perfect

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    DIY Two Color Dyed Placemats
    DIY Two Color Dyed Placemats. Design Love Fest

    Protect your table and add beautiful soft colors to your dinner place setting by dip dying your own placemats using pieces of heavy linen and fabric dye in pink and grey.

    DIY Two Color Dyed Placemats from Design Love Fest

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    DIY Dip Dyed Basket
    DIY Dip Dyed Basket. Domestikated Life

    Update one of the baskets in your home by dip dying the bottom of the basket in fabric dye to add a contrasting rich color.

    DIY Dip Dyed Basket from Domestikated Life

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    DIY Double Dip Dyed Napkins
    DIY Double Dip Dyed Napkins. A Beautiful Mess

    Using a mixture of liquid, powder dye and salt in a pot on your stovetop learn how to create the boldest and longest lasting dyed fabric. By twice dip dying your cloth napkins you can create a stunning ombre design you are sure to adore.

    DIY Double Dip Dyed Napkins from A Beautiful Mess

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    Tie-Dye Infinity Scarf
    Tie-Dye Infinity Scarf. Calico Skies

    Learn how to sew yourself an infinity scarf or use a premade white one and tie-dye it to add an eye-catching design perfect to go with all your spring outfits.

    Tie-Dye Infinity Scarf from Calico Skies

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    DIY Dip Dyed Tank Top
    DIY Dip Dyed Tank Top. A Beautiful Mess

    Get ready for the warm weather by updating your bland white tank tops by dip dying them with a package of fabric dye to add a band of bold color around the bottom of the shirt. 

    DIY Dip Dyed Tank Top from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Indigo Napkins
    DIY Indigo Napkins. Joya Rose photograph by Heather Hackney

    Add some rich indigo to your patio by making a set of 6 dinner napkins that will look spectacular at your next BBQ party. To make your own dip dyed indigo napkins you will need an indigo dye kit, 2 yards of linen and a sewing machine.

    DIY Indigo Napkins from Joya Rose

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    DIY Dyed Outdoor Pillow
    DIY Dyed Outdoor Pillow. Endlessly Inspired

    Get the patio ready by updating your outdoor pillows by dip dying them in inexpensive Kool-aid you already have in your pantry instead of typical fabric dyes. 

    DIY Dyed Outdoor Pillow from Endlessly Inspired

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    Learn about the traditional art of Japanese Shibori typing using indigo and how to use this technique to create a variety of patterned dish towels that you will want to put on display every time guests come over to visit your home. 

    DIY Shibori Dish Towels from Alice And Lois

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    DIY Dip Dye Stationary
    DIY Dip Dye Stationary. Two Zero One

    Send beautiful cards or thank you letters using a standard pack of white cards and some food coloring to create a stylish stationery set for a fraction of the cost of stationary sets typically cost.

    DIY Dip Dye Stationary from Two Zero One