8 Cute and Colorful Back-To-School Crafts

first day of school mini schultüte

Frog Prince Paperie

Is your child ready to get back to school? Here are some cute and useful crafts you can make with kids to make the start of the new school year more fun, cheery, and help chase away any back-to-school blues.

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    Emoji Bookmarks

    Duct tape emoji bookmarks


    How adorable are these bookmarks? With just some yellow duct-tape and a marker, you can make a bunch of these cute page-corner bookmarks. With these emojis, your child will be able to express their emotions while they read. Whether they're feeling happy, goofy, surprised, mischievous, loving, or cool, these cute little guys will let them show their emotions. They're so fun, your child will probably wanna make a big batch to use and to share, and they may just inspire them to become a life-long bookworm.

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    Pencil Holder and Pencil Toppers

    Pencil holder and toppers

    The Spruce / Katherine Lee

    Grab some craft sticks, paint, and a paper punch and make these pretty pencil holders and pencil toppers. They're super-easy to make so cheery, they're sure to brighten up any homework area (and any reluctant homework-doers).

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    Dorm School Supplies

    Dorm school supplies

    Home Stories A to Z

    These creative and pretty organization ideas are good for a dorm room, but they can also work for a younger school-age child's room. The magazine holders can hold notebooks and papers, and the clipboards can organize important info and put it right where you need to see it. Add some decorated pencil holders made out of used cans and voila. You'll have a well-organized and great-looking homework area that your child will love.

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    Washi Tape Notebooks

    Washi tape notebooks

    Ink and Adventure

    Washi tape, the gorgeous Japanese decorative masking tape, is perfect for adding gorgeous color to a ho-hum notebook. And because washi tape is so easy to work with—you can just lift it off and start over if it's not exactly straight, for example—it's the perfect material for kids to create with. Let them use their imaginations to personalize their notebooks just the way they want them.

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    Painted Pencils

    DIY painted pencils

    Hello Glow

    Add some beautiful color to your child's pencil case with this fun painted pencil craft idea. You can add motivating messages like the ones here or personalize them with your child's name. These pretty pencils will undoubtedly inspire your child to finish her homework, and maybe even write some stories, too.

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    Duct Tape Pencil Cases

    Duct tape pencil pouches

    Hip 2 Save

    You'll be amazed at how easy and fun it is to make these pencil cases using duct tape and plastic bags. And now that duct tape crafts are a thing, you'll be able to find duct tape in a wide variety of pretty colors and patterns. So grab some colorful and interesting variations and let your child use their imagination to create awesome duct tape pencil cases that they can design and personalize themselves. (Safety note: Just remember that craft knives are super sharp; only adults should use craft knives when cutting the duct tape.)

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    First Day of School Mini Schultute

    First Day of School Mini Schultute

    Frog Prince Paperie

    Just what exactly is a schultute, you may ask? Children in Germany, Austria, and other countries are given these giant cones filled with candy, chocolates, toys, and school supplies to add a little sweetness to the first day of school. Borrow this tradition and make your own cone and fill it with all the things your child will love.

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    Rainbow Crayon Holder

    Rainbow crayon organizer

    Sugar Bee Crafts

    There's something about lining up colors like this in an organized way that is so attractive. It's a great way to recycle used cans, and a clever way to organize crayons, pencils, markers, or whatever drawing and coloring tools you need to organize. And when you have everything sorted like this, you don't need to reach for that shade of green or blue you need to finish your picture. So very pretty.