4 Free Color by Number Online Games

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These free color by number online games are great for kids who love to color and parents who don't like to clean up the mess and like to save money.

Not just coloring sheets, these free color by number online games have all the fun of coloring, but they give those little one's brains an extra workout because they have to use a legend to color specific parts of the picture.

These color by number online games vary in skill level all the way from preschool-aged children to kids in elementary school. The more areas there are to color generally means that they're tougher to complete.

There are more educational online games like these, including online connect the dots puzzles and online mazes. If your kid loves the computer, they'll love these games, and you'll love knowing that they're learning.

You can also find the more traditional printable color by number pages that you can print off and hand over to the kids within minutes.

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    Color by Numbers

    An octopus being colored online

    Color It By Numbers Online 

    The number one favorite place to go to find a color by number picture online is the simply named Color It By Numbers Online. You'll find over 100 free, color by number games that include images of animals, princesses, vehicles, flowers, and holidays.

    Color By Numbers Online gives gentle hints if your child is having difficulty locating the correct colors, it makes it such a fun and positive experience. 

    There is also a free download of a color by number game that includes background music and special coloring tools for the kids.

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    Color by Number Counting Game

    Coloring a shape in yellow on an online color by number game

    Turtle Diary 

    Here's a color by number online from Turtle Diary where kids use the key to the right of the puzzle to color in the corresponding shapes. When they're finished with this online color number game, they can have their work checked. There's also a timer available if you'd like to work on speed.

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    Color by Numbers Flower

    A color by number flower with a pink petal

    Up To Ten 

    Here's a simple color by number online game that's perfect for very small kids from Up To Ten. Drag the colors to the corresponding parts of the flowers to color it in. There's also a reshuffle option if your child would like to play this over and over again.

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    Color by Number Online Game

    Color by Number Online

    Pukmo has one color by number online game which is perfect for older kids working on higher-level subtraction. Color in the picture of Winnie the Pooh and friends by figuring out the math problems.