Free 12-Inch Quilt Block Patterns

Quilt blanket
Dorling Kindersley: Ruth Jenkinson / Getty Images

Try any of these free 12-inch quilt block patterns to make a quilt of one design or mix them up to create a sampler quilt with a different block in each portion of a quilt. This is the size used most often in a sampler. Twelve-inch quilt block patterns are one of the most popular and versatile sizes used in quilts, and thousands of 12-inch designs have been created. Try one or more of these 12-inch quilt block patterns for your next quilting project.

All Hallows Quilt Block Pattern: Use this quilt block pattern to make star quilt blocks that finish at either 12- or 24-inches square. The block in the fabric is sewn with just three fabrics. It works wonderfully in scrap quilts.

Batik Unequal Nine Patch Quilt Block Pattern: This quilt block pattern is a framed four patch quilt block in disguise that finishes at 12-inches square. The example uses lovely batik fabrics, but you can use any you wish. Each quilt block requires minimal fabric and is a great way to use up your stash.

Bow Tie Quilt Block Pattern: Here's an easy bow tie quilt block pattern that eliminates the set-in seams of the traditional quilt block. The change makes it simple to do.

Bright Hopes Quilt Block Pattern: Bright Hopes using a sewing technique called partial seams. The block looks a bit complicated but is very easy to construct. The design is a perfect choice when you have extra fat quarters of fabric on hand.

Bug Jar Quilt Block Pattern: Bug jar quilt blocks often depict tall jars, but this pattern has shorter jars and the blocks are square. You can fill them with candy or flowers instead of bugs.

Cactus Pot Quilt Block Pattern: This quilt block pattern has prickly half-square triangle blossoms, but it goes together easily.

Can't Stop Spinnin' Pinwheels: This easy pinwheel quilt block is assembled using one simple unit that's sewn in different color combinations.

Chinese Lantern Quilt Block Pattern: The design is traditionally in Asian it's suitable for any theme.

Churn Dash With a Twist: This is a traditional patchwork you can work it with any fabric, from reproductions to contemporary looks.

Crown of Thorns Quilt Block Pattern: This block pattern looks somewhat intricate, but a good chunk of its patchwork can be assembled easily with quick piecing techniques.

Double Pinwheel Quilt Block Pattern: This colorful quilt block pattern is sewn with 16 easy patchwork units—eight quick pieced half-square triangle units and eight plain squares of fabric.

Dutchman's Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern: Also called the Flying Dutchman or Windmill, it is perfect for quilters who love to make flying geese patchwork.

Evening Star With Nine Patch Center: This variation of the Evening Star quilt block pattern has a nine patch quilt block at its center instead of a single large square of fabric, giving you more opportunity to add splashes of extra color.

Framed Friendship Stars Quilt Block Pattern: The most basic Friendship Star quilt block has squares in its corners, but here there are half-square triangle units to add a burst of color.

Friendship Star Quilt Block Pattern: These quilt blocks offer a great way to practice half-square triangles and can be surprisingly beginner-friendly.

House Quilt Block Pattern: This design makes an excellent housewarming gift quilt.

Jacob's Ladder Quilt Block Pattern: This is a popular and traditional design and the individual blocks can be sewn together to make any size quilt you like.

King's Crown Quilt Block Pattern: This quilt block pattern is sewn with a combination of squares, single triangles, and half-square triangle units.

Mock Basket Weave Pattern: Quilt block patterns don't get much easier than this design that uses striped fabrics for a basket weave look without tedious piecing.

Lady of the Lake Quilt Block Pattern: This pattern is made entirely of half-square triangle units. Twenty small units surround a larger half unit that sits at the block's center.

Ohio Star Quilt Block Pattern: This is a popular nine-patch quilt block made with five plain squares and four quarter-square triangle units. It's a classic block that's easy to make.

Old Maid's Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern: This is an easy variation of this popular patchwork design.

Patchwork Cat Quilt Block Pattern: This easy cat quilt block pattern displays the silhouette of a within a frame. Make all of your cats giving each a unique personality.

Rosebud Quilt Block Pattern: These quilt blocks are similar to pinwheel blocks, but have to make the design appear more floral-like.

Sarah's Choice Quilt Block Pattern: This quilt block pattern that combines the look of a star and a pinwheel. Choose two fabrics of different colors, especially if they contrast, and a pinwheel will emerge. Sew with just one fabric to make the quilt block look more like a star.

School Girl's Puzzle Quilt Block Pattern: Create quilt blocks that can be twisted and turned to design a unique layout. Four blocks are illustrated, showing just one of the ways blocks can be sewn together.

Scottie Dog Quilt Block Pattern: This traditional pattern is assembled using a combination of squares, bars, half-square triangle units, and a quarter square triangle unit. The fabric is rotary cut and quick-pieced.

Ship at Sea Quilt Block Pattern: This sailboat quilt block pattern is an easy quilt block that goes together quickly and is a favorite for kids' quilts.

Simplified Maryland Beauty: This simplified quilt block pattern is perfect for quilt block exchanges. The quilt block is not difficult for beginners, it doesn't have lots of patches, and makes a fantastic scrap quilt.

Single T Quilt Block Pattern: At first glance, this block seems a little ordinary, but you can create all sorts of dramatic layouts with the quilt blocks by varying their positions. 

Thirties Pinwheel in a Square Quilt Block Pattern: This pattern was written for 1930's reproduction fabrics. Switch to contemporary fabrics or reproductions from any other era because pinwheel quilt blocks are suitable for any type of fabric you choose.