Collectible Modern Miniature Accessories From Action Figures

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    Rolling Suitcase from Trigun Figure Meryl Stryfe

    Shown with a dolls house scale doll, this opening, modern rolling suitcase from the anime action figure "Meryl Stryfe" fits right into contemporary miniature scenes. Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

    This detailed rolling suitcase suitable for 1:12 scale miniature scenes is an example of what you can find when you cross collect miniatures. When six inch tall action figures go out of style, seek out their accessories, especially to add to your collection of modern miniature props for photo scenes. Some of the miniature designers who work in the action figure industry create wonderful miniatures. The six inch anime action figure Meryl Stryfe from the Trigun series, has a nifty roller suitcase with an adjustable height handle that fits into lots of 1:12 scale modern scenes. If you need the props that fit inside the suitcase, it comes with a removeable machine gun, a typewriter, a drawstring pouch/ purse, garment bag, and trinket box in a rolling suitcase with an adjustable handle that opens to allow access (and display space) in two compartments. The piece could be used for slightly larger scale scenes (with dolls like the 1:8 scale Brenda Breyer) as a smaller carry on style bag or rolling computer case.

    The figure itself is very out of scale, but like many action figures, it comes with useful small interchangeable hands (usually to hold guns) which make the hands and lower arms useful for photo shoots. Plastic or resin figures are much easier to pose holding items than are most porcelain dolls.

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    1:12 Scale Miniature Meryl Stryfe Rolling Suitcase Details

    Roughly 1:12 scale modern rolling suitcase with two opening compartments.
    Open interior of a roughly 1:12 scale rolling suitcase with an adjustable handle, two opening compartments, and removable accessories, part of a set of accessories which comes with the Meryl Stryfe Trigun action figure. Photo Copyright 2011 Lesley Shepherd

    Inside the opening 1:12 scale rolling suitcase found with the Meryl Stryfe action figure are some possibly useful 1:12 scale miniatures. While I'm not a fan of the machine pistol packed in with the typewriter in the main section of the case, all the items remove, which would allow you to custom fill the case to suit your scene. The typewriter may be useful. The narrow upper section of the case has a removable plastic drawstring bag and a toiletries case, as well as a cast plastic folded garment bag.

    Items like this one particular miniature accessory, when well done, are pieces with a lot of usefulness, even though they are cast plastic. Kudos to the designer who made the suitcase have an adjustable handle, functioning rolling wheels, and two opening sections with removable contents. It would have been so easy to include a piece which was solid, with no options for customizing.