25 Creative Ideas for Collages

Make Beautiful Art From Recycled Magazines and Paper Scraps

Birds and Nest Collage

Courtesy of Kate's Creative Space

Collage as an art form has been in existence for hundreds of years. This type of art composition has had a resurgence in popularity since the beginning of the 20th century. To make a collage, glue magazines, newspaper, colored paper, and photograph cutouts to a canvass, cloth, wood or paper backing. Paint, ribbons, and other 3D embellishments can also be added to the artwork to add depth and dimension to the piece.

Collages are the perfect place to start if you want to develop your artistic talents. There is no wrong or right way to make a collage. A collage can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. Even young children can get beautiful results from a collage craft.

Check out these 25 inspiring collage projects to help you get excited about your next project!

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    Canvas Wall Art Collage

    Canvas wall art collage next to succulents.

    Courtesy of A Little Craft in Your Day  

    Do you have a space on your wall but not enough money to buy a piece of art to fill it? Make a collage canvas artwork from simple marquise paper shapes in colors that match your decor. Your wall will have instant drama without having to break the bank.

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    Art Journal Bible

    Bible journal collage

    Courtesy of Heather Greenwood Designs    

    Collages can be made from the unlikeliest of sources. Heather Greenwood teaches how to make collage journal pages from ordinary butcher paper. She paints the background of the page and then forms a collage on top of the dry wax paper. The end result is just stunning.

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    Paper Patchwork Wall Art

    Collage artwork leaning against wall.

    Courtesy of FRK Hansen    

    It is possible to have a professional looking piece of wall art that is made of cutout magazine shapes and adhesive. A free template download is provided in the tutorial guaranteeing success when trying out this craft project.

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    Paper Face Collage

    Close up of paper face collage

    Courtesy of Kim Dellow  

    Make a collage of your face with paper and image editing software. It is not as hard as it looks. Just follow the steps of Kim's tutorial, and soon you will have a collage portrait you will be proud to display in your home.

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    Collage Style Birthday Card

    Close up of collage style birthday card

    Courtesy of  Nassae Ithilwen    

    Make a quick collage style birthday card in minutes with washi tape, paper, and ribbon. This craft is perfect for those occasions when you need a card with a personal touch but are short on time.

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    Watercolor Paper Collage

    Close up of watercolor collage on package.

    Courtesy of  Inkstruck Studios    

    Sometimes collage pieces have their origins from nontraditional sources. This project was initially a watercolor painting that was cut into individual shapes and glued onto various backgrounds. We think the watercolor cutouts are lovely!

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    Collage Art From Recycled Coloring Books

    Close up of coloring book collage art

    Courtesy of  Omiyage Blogs    

    Coloring books are used by many adults to relieve stress, but what do you do with the pages after you've colored them? Make a collage, of course! Recycling coloring books into art unleashes creativity while being kind to mother earth as well.

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    Childrens Animal Collage Crafts

    Close up of lion and bird paper collage

    Courtesy of  One Colorful Day    

    Collage art is easy enough for toddlers to do! They will need some help with the background of these adorable lion and bird projects but should be able to complete the torn paper segments on their own. So cute!

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    Birds in a Nest Paper Collage

    Birds and Nest Collage

    Courtesy of  Kate's Creative Space

    This collage is particularly easy to make because Kate's Creative Space generously offers a printable download of both the birds and the nest. You can have a replica of Kate's artwork with just a little bit of cutting and pasting.

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    Altered Photo Collage

    Collage from altered photo with knick knacks on shelf

    Courtesy of Dekotopia  

    Make an exciting piece of wall art from a large black and white photo. Just cut the picture into triangle shapes as in the example photo and glue them onto a white poster board background with similar sized spaces between the triangle shapes. You now have instant artwork that adds drama to your living space.

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    Mixed Media Collage Video Tutorial

    Close up of angel collage

    Courtesy of Ivy New Port    

    At first glance, you may think that this project is too complicated for the ordinary crafter to make. Ivy Newport–the artist that created this piece–has a fabulous video tutorial that guides you through every step of the process. You too can create this piece with Ivy's guidance and supply list. She even shows you where you can find the photo printables on Pinterest.

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    Tissue Paper and Photo Wall Art

    Person hanging tissue paper collage wall art

    Courtesy of Alice and Lois    

    Every year the LIFEWTR company features the work of three artists on their bottles. These wooden block wall art pieces are inspired by the work of Luis Gonzalez, a Boston native, and high school senior. Colorful tissue paper is glued onto a piece of wood with photos into a collage.

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    Colorful Papercut Wall Art

    Close up of colorful collage wall art

    Courtesy of Sara Hearts  

    Colored vellum cut into shapes is layered onto a surface to produce a sophisticated piece of modern art.

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    Ocean and Whale Toddler Collage Craft

    Close up of boat whale and ocean collage

    Courtesy of One Colorful Day    

    Toddlers love to tear paper! One Colorful Day offers a free ocean themed printable download that you and your children can rip and paste into this adorable collage. When you are finished, why not hang this work of art in your child's room. Such a cute DIY wall decoration!

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    Dog Collage Inspirations

    Close up of dog collage from magazine cutouts

    Courtesy of Ashlee 747

    Can you believe this dog collage was made by a 7th grader? Make sure to check out the museum gallery at Art Sonia for tons of creative inspiration!

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    Photocopy Leaf Collage

    Close up of photocopied leaf collage

    Courtesy of Barley and Birch    

    Photocopy real leaves and use them as the base for this collage project. A combination of tissue paper leaves and cutouts of the photocopied leaves results in a stunning piece of collage artwork.

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    8th Grade Collage Class Project Inspirations

    Boy sitting collage on cardboard.

    Courtesy of Mrs. Holly Hatfield    

    Mrs. Hatfield is the middle school art teacher that we wish we could have had. She has displayed several versions of her student's collage artwork on her blog. A lovely gallery of inspiration for those interested in pursuing collage art.

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    Layered Torn Paper Photo Collage

    Torn paper collage

    Courtesy of AP Studio Art With Mrs. Sulzen    

    Layer two photos on top of one another and tear out portions of the top photo to achieve an interesting collage effect.

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    Toddler Rainbow Collage

    Rainbow collages on wooden deck.

    Courtesy of Happy Hooligans    

    Every preschooler will love this colorful rainbow collage. Colored cotton balls and watercolors are combined into the shape of a rainbow.

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    Earth Day Collage Project

    Close up of collage of Earth

    Courtesy of I Heart Crafty Things  

    Celebrate Earth Day by making an earth collage from recycled bits of magazine cutouts.

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    Newspaper Shark

    Close up of newspaper shark collage

    Courtesy of I Heart Crafty Things

    Kids will love making this shark from newspaper cutouts. It is such an easy craft to make, and everyone is almost guaranteed to end up with fabulous results. The shark collage would be lovely as either a wall hanging or a card.

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    Vintage Card With a Twist

    Vintage men boxing with flowers collage card

    Courtesy of Paper Draper    

    Vintage photos can be repurposed into cute cards with collage cutouts. Add an unexpected element to the vintage photo to bring about a bit of humor and surprise.

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    Combine an Art Lesson With a History Lesson

    Martin Luther King Jr waving at crowd in collage.

    Courtesy of One Fine Day    

    Teach children the great message of Martin Luther King Jr. while making an art project depicting an iconic moment in history. A free collage PDF template is offered for download ensuring excellent project results.

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    A Personal Journal Collage Page

    Journal page collage

    Courtesy of A Vintage Chick    

    Keep a personal journal of your thoughts in collage form. Express your feelings visually on a journal page as a type of visual diary.

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    Collage Wall Art Inspired By Matisse

    mattise inspired collage

    Courtesy of Kathy Barbro

    Make a collage that is inspired by a great master. What a marvelous way to incorporate an art history lesson with fun.