Coin Collecting Basics

If you're new to numismatics, or the study of coin collecting, we'll teach you the basics: from help identifying your coins to where to buy and sell coins.
The Carson City Mint in 1866
All About the Carson City Mint
entrance way to the United States mint
How Are Coins Made?
The United States Mint at Philadelphia Visitor Center
The Philadelphia Mint and Its Historic Past
Silver bullion coins on a scale
Learn the Difference between a Troy Ounce and an Ounce
coins on a balance scale
How Much Do My Coins Weigh?
a counterfeit coin being measured by a high precision digital caliper.
Learn How to Detect Counterfeit Coins
Coins and a key
Could Your Old Coins Be Worth a Fortune?
A coin collection in albums, folders, slabs, etc.
How to Sell the Coins That I've Inherited for the Most Money
coins of the United States.
Get to Know the Coins of the United States Coins
How to clean coins
How to Clean Coins Safely Without Damaging Them
Foreign Coin Collection
Get the Inside Scoop on Buying and Selling Coins
A typical local coin shop
What You Should Know About Finding a Coin Dealer
Planing coin in coin collection book
The Easy Way to Catalog Your Coin Collection
A Two-Headed Jefferson Nickel
Are Two-Headed Coins for Real?
Morgan Silver Dollar
What Are BU Coins?
no cleaning coins
7 Things You Should Never Do to Your Coins!
how many coins in a coin roll
Do You Know How Many Coins Are in Regular Coin Rolls?
Three lines of old pennies and one shiny new one
How to Tell if a Coin Has Been Cleaned
PVC damage on the surface of a coin.
Learn About PVC Damage on Coins and How to Remove It
a close-up of a type II standing Liberty quarter
Learn All the Details about the Standing Liberty Quarter
United States coins
Why are There Three Different Strike Types Used for Making Coins?
Learn How to Recognize a Reverse Proof Coin
Two senior friends with coin album
8 Coin Holders for Your Collection
Cameo Contrast on a Proof 1964 Kennedy Half-Dollar
Proof Coins Explained
The edge of an Eisenhower dollar showing the clad layers of the coin
Clad Coins: What Are They Made Of and Why?
Placing a Mercury dime and a coin folder.
7 Coin Collecting Supplies Everyone Needs
Example of a Mintmark on a United States Coin
What Mint Marks Can Tell You About Your Coins
Woman obscuring man's eyes with hand, giving present
20 Easy Gifts for The Hard-to-Buy-For Coin Collector
Man with wallet holding assorted coins
Learn the Difference Between a Coin's Price and Value
Kennedy Half-Dollar Struck Off-Center
These Are the Types of Mint Error Coins
cover and pages of The Coin Dealer Newsletter also called the Graysheet
How Do Coin Dealers Decide On Prices?
Close-up view of a quarter.
This Is the Difference Between the Coin's Edge and Rim
a variety of coins
How to Store Your Coin Collection for Future Generations
The edge of an Eisenhower dollar showing the clad layers of the coin
Why do They Put Reeding on the Edge of a coin?
A coin dealer inspecting a coin in his coin shop.
What is Numismatics?
A variety of coin collecting supplies and equipment.
How to Safely Store and Preserve Your Coin Collection
1966 United States Special Mint Set
Special Coins in a Special Set
Top 7 Tips to Get the Most for Your Coins on eBay
Naturally Toned Coins
Learn Everything You Need to Know About Coin Toning
1881 PCGS MS-66 Morgan Dollar with Original Mint Luster
Learn How to Recognize the Cartwheel Effect on Coins
Marcus Junius Brutus, Assassin of Caesar EID MAR
The Fascinating History Behind the EID MAR Coin
Close-up view of collection of Quarter dollars (25 cents) coins in album - numismatic collection
8 Coin Collecting Tips for Beginners
Vintage US coins
Learn How to Recognize Circulated Coins
numismatics album with different coins
Discover The Right Way to Store Coins in Folders and Albums
United States half-dollar with Kennedy image
What Are Uncirculated Coins?
Jar full of pennies
Discover 5 Fun Ways for Kids to Make Their Pennies Shine
1881 PCGS MS-66 Morgan Dollar with Original Mint Luster
Learn the Secret of Recognizing Original Mint Luster
an example of an NGC and a PCGS encapsulated coin holder
This is the Best Way to Protect Your Coins
Silver Bullion and Coins
How to Calculate 'Bullion Value'
Cameo Contrast on a Proof 1964 Kennedy Half-Dollar
See What Cameo Contrast Looks like on a Proof Coin
Close-up of a woman's hands sorting coins
How Much Is the Metal Worth in My Coins?
illustration of the worst coins to collect
The 5 Worst Coin Investments You Can Make
1955 Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent
Learn How to Identify Doubled Die Coins
International coins
Discover the Coins in Circulation Around the World
1955 Doubled Die Obverse Lincoln Cent
Learn About the Famous 1955 Double Die Lincoln Penny
Stacks Of Canadian One Dollar Coins
Canadian Loonies and Toonies: What Are They?
Silver american eagle coins
Learn Tips That Can Help You Avoid Silver Coin Fraud
Undated Washington quarter with cud error die break
Find Out What a Cud Error on a Coin Really Looks Like
The obverse and reverse of a United States Kennedy half-dollar.
Which Part Is the Obverse of a Coin?