Coffee Filter Crafts

Coffee filter butterflies

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What would you make with a coffee filter? Explore the crafts here, and you can learn how to make snowflakes, a butterfly, some flowers, and much more. They're perfect for younger kids but anyone can give them a go. Work on making one or more of these coffee filter crafts and who knows you may come up with a few more to make on your own. Coffee filters are a great craft supply, you just have to use your imagination.

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    Coffee Filter Butterflies

    Coffee filter butterlifes

    4u4me / Getty Images

    Learn how to use watercolors or food coloring to make colorful butterfly wings out of a coffee filter. This craft is incredibly easy and kids will love it. Just make sure they have someone helping them when it's time to get the paint involved so they don't make too much of a mess.

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    Coffee Filter Snowflakes

    Coffee Filter snowflakes

    The Spruce 

    Follow this tutorial to spruce up your home with cute and fluttery snowflakes that are perfect for the winter season. This is a great way to take the magicalness of snow to kids who may not get to experience it during winter.

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    Coffee Filter Flowers

    Bouquet of coffee filter flowers

    The Spruce / Marie LeBaron

    Decorate your house with these simple coffee filter flowers that are perfect for celebrating spring. You could also have kids create these for Mother's Day or their mom or grandmother's birthday.

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    Coffee Filter Tulips

    Coffee filter and paper tulips

    The Spruce / Rita Shehan

    These flowers are easier to make than tissue paper flowers simply because the coffee filters are not as flimsy. They're a bold and bright way to welcome spring in your home or to have kids make surprise anyone in their life with a sweet bouquet that won't wither away.