Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide

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Illustration: The Spruce / Marina Li
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    The Demand for Coke Collectibles

    Coca-Cola Serving Tray with Artwork by Norman Rockwell
    Morphy Auctions

    Being one of the most recognized brands around the world, it's no wonder that Coke collectibles garner their share of interest. Prices for the oldest Coca-Cola memorabilia can be very steep, and even items made during the 1940s and 50s are usually quite popular and pricey as new Coke collectors enter the marketplace and demand increases.

    Coca-Cola Norman Rockwell Serving Tray

    This serving tray features the artwork of Norman Rockwell and is dated around 1931. Depicting a young boy enjoying a Coke while eating lunch with his dog next to a tree, it has beautiful, strong colors. There are just a few small rubs to the rim, though the overall condition is excellent. The tray measures 13 1/4 by 10 1/2 inches.

    The selling price was $600 at Morphy Auctions in 2013. A near-mint version of this tray sold at auction for $1,610 in 2010.

    Take care when valuing Coke trays as many of the most valuable examples have been reproduced.

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    Coca-Cola Umbrella Girls Festoon

    Coca-Cola Umbrella Girls Festoon Dating to 1918
    Morphy Auctions

    Vibrant colors are a hallmark of Coke collectibles, as seen in this beautiful umbrella girls festoon, which was released somewhere around 1918. It has one minor edge nick and some edge wear, a few minor edge bends, and only the most minuscule of any marks or wear. The overall condition is excellent for this type of piece.

    The decorative strip measures 28 by 54 inches. In 2012 at Morphy Actions, it sold for $3,000.

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    Coca-Cola Rare Vertical Poster

    Coca-Cola Rare Vertical Poster from 1935
    Morphy Auctions

    Coke posters are tricky because there is such a variety available and some subjects are more popular than others. This one is rare, featuring a lovely woman lounging in a white evening gown enjoying a glass of Coke.

    The piece from around 1935 is framed under glass and measures 52 1/2 by 32 1/2 inches in the frame. Even though it has been professionally restored, this poster is considered to be in very good condition due to its size and rarity. The selling price was $900 in 2012 at Morphy Auctions.

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    Coca-Cola Toy Dispenser

    Coca-Cola Toy Dispenser
    Morphy Auctions

    A playful piece that any Coke collector would enjoy, this is a plastic Coca-Cola dispenser toy. The 10 1/2-inch tall excellent-condition soda fountain includes four glasses and has the original box. In 2010, the selling price through Morphy Auctions was $92.

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    Coca-Cola Acid Etched Glass

    Ca. 1905-1910 Coca-Cola Etched Glass
    The Spruce / Pamela Wiggins

    Coke glassware varies greatly and rare, high-quality pieces can fetch top dollar. This very strong glass made some time between 1905 and 1910 displays a bold 5 cents in addition to the logo. Nice and clean with only three or four minuscule outer edge nicks, it stands four inches tall. The selling price through Morphy Auctions in 2010 was $345.

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    Coca-Cola Playing Cards

    Ca. 1943 Coca-Cola Playing Cards
    Morphy Auctions

    The subject is everything in Coke memorabilia. Beautiful women and cute dogs are among the hottest on the market. This set of playing cards from around 1943 is a complete and original deck with the jokers. The outside of the 3 1/4-inch tall box shows some wear but is still considered excellent while the cards inside are near mint. In 2010, it brought a selling price of $195.50 at Morphy Auctions.

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    Pressed Steel Metalcraft Coca-Cola Truck With Box

    Pressed Steel Metalcraft Coca-Cola Truck with Box
    Morphy Auctions

    Toys are always popular with Coke collectors, so it's no wonder this 11-inch truck sold for so much. It's in very good to excellent condition, though there is some oxidation to the grill and minor scratches. It does include the 10 original glass bottles and has the box minus the end flaps. At Morphy Auctions in 2009, it sold for $702.

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    Paper Coca-Cola Kite

    Ca. 1930s Paper Coca-Cola Kite
    Morphy Auctions

    Paper collectibles are fragile, so they can be quite rare. This 1930s paper kite with the Coca-Cola logo and bottle includes the original wooden stretcher sticks. There are minor wrinkles and very small stains with light soiling, but it's considered to be in excellent condition. The size is 23 by 23 inches and it sold in 2008 for $230 at Morphy Auctions.

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    Coca-Cola 50th Anniversary Cardboard Poster

    Ca. 1936 Coca-Cola 50th Anniversary Cardboard Poster
    Morphy Auctions

    Issued in 1936 to celebrate Coke's 50th anniversary, this is a difficult-to-find 30- by 50-inch poster. The two beauties in swimwear that reflect 1886 and 1936 are shown in strong, vivid color that has not faded over the years. While it exhibits minor wear, the condition is excellent. In 2008, Morphy Auctions sold this piece for $2,070.

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    Neon and Tin Coca-Cola Sign

    Ca. 1950s Neon & Tin Coca-Cola Sign
    Morphy Auctions

    Many times, old meets new in the world of Coke. This vintage sign, dated to the 1950s, has a contemporary case and the red and green neon lights were added. Minor marks, light wear, and soiling are visible, though it's still in very good condition. It measures 24 by 24 by 8 inches and sold for $258.75 through Morphy Auctions in 2008.

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    Coca-Cola Tin Thermometer

    Coca-Cola Collectibles Tin Thermometer
    Morphy Auctions

    In near-mint condition, with only a few minor surface scratches near the bottom, this 1950s thermometer is a wonderful collectible. It's nine inches tall and sold at Morphy Auctions in 2008 for $287.50.

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    Embossed Tin Bottle Thermometer

    Coke Collectibles Embossed Tin Bottle Thermometer
    Morphy Auctions

    Tin thermometers were common among Coke advertisements. This one is in the shape of a glass bottle with a wonderfully detailed painting and is dated to around 1933. It has a few minor bends as well as some general soiling and wear, though its overall condition is considered very good. At 16 inches tall, it sold for $172.50 through Morphy Auctions in 2008.

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    Things Go Better With Coke Thermometer

    Things Go Better with Coke Collectibles Thermometer
    Morphy Auctions

    In your treasure-seeking adventures, you may also find dial thermometers with the Coca-Cola logo. This 1960s example has a glass front, brilliant color, and is 19 inches in diameter. It's a very clean example with minuscule soiling and is considered to be in near-mint. Due to that, it's 2008 selling price was an astounding $862.50 through Morphy Auctions.

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    Large Coca-Cola Domed Clock

    Ca. 1940s - 1950s Large Coca-Cola Domed Clock
    Morphy Auctions

    Clocks are also very popular and common with the Coke theme. Condition and uniqueness are everything. This 1940s to 50​s piece features brass-colored bottles under the glass dome and is rather large for this style of clock, at 11 1/2 inches tall. Though it has small marks, light wear, and soiling, it's in excellent condition. At a 2008 Morphy Auctions sale, it went for $632.50.

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    Lackner Coca-Cola Electric Light-Up Clock

    Lackner Coca-Cola Electric Light-Up Clock
    Morphy Auctions

    Wall clocks are far more common, so you'll want to look for unusual fonts and designs. This Lackner electric clock was made around 1939 and certainly has all those features. There is some noticeable flaking on the logo areas as well as some paint loss on the back white panel. It also has minor marks and medium soiling, so its condition is listed as very good. With a diameter of 17 inches, it sold in 2008 through Morphy Auctions for $460.

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    Coca-Cola Spinning Whirlygig Sign and Base

    Ca. 1950s Coca-Cola Spinning Whirlygig Sign & Base
    Morphy Auctions

    Unique advertising pieces with the Coke logo can fetch a pretty steep price. The rarer and better the condition, the higher it will go. Such is the case for the 1950s Coca-Cola whirlygig sign with the base that stands 13 inches tall. It is very clean with only a few minor marks, faint scratches, and a few small stains, so it's in excellent condition. In 2008, the selling price was $1,955 through Morphy Auctions.

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    Die-Cut Tin Coca-Cola Bottle Sign

    Ca. 1954 Die-Cut Tin Coca-Cola Bottle Sign
    Morphy Auctions

    This painted glass Coke bottle is a familiar sight on many Coke memorabilia pieces. Though it's found in countless reproductions as well, finding an original die-cut tin sign from around 1954 like this is a great find for any collector.

    This particular piece has a few short scratches, minor edge bends and crimps, light soiling, and a few minor marks. Yet, it's considered to be in excellent condition. The picture is deceiving because it stands a full six feet tall and sold in 2008 through Morphy Auctions for $345.

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    Coca-Cola Tin Flange Sign With Support

    Ca. 1940 Coca-Cola Tin Flange Sign with Supports
    Morphy Auctions

    Produced around 1940, this tin flange sign is not seen often. It is near-mint and a clean bright example with two tiny scratches. Complete with the original and hard-to-find silver metal support bar, it measures 20 by 24 inches. At Morphy Auctions in 2008, it commanded a selling price of $632.50.

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    Coca-Cola Porcelain Button Sign

    ca. 1950 Coca-Cola Porcelain Button Sign
    Morphy Auctions

    The envy of many Coke collectors, a porcelain button sign of this condition is sought after by many people. At three feet in diameter, this is a great example from around 1950 with a very strong central image area and bold color. It has only some extreme outer edge chips and mounting holes, so its overall condition is excellent. It sold for $747.50 via Morphy Auctions in 2008.

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    Rare Canadian Cardboard Coca-Cola Poster

    Ca. 1920s Rare Canadian Cardboard Coca-Cola Poster
    Morphy Auctions

    From the 1920s, this is a rare cardboard Coke poster produced for the Canadian market. The illustration featuring a wooden case of bottles is rare on its own. After that many years, cardboard pieces in excellent condition like this are not common. It does show light wear, minor marks, and large rub areas with quality touchup. 

    The poster measures 22 by 28 inches. It was framed under glass when it sold for $5,462.50 through Morphy Auctions in 2008.

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    Coca-Cola Bathing Beauty Cardboard Poster

    Coca-Cola Collectibles Bathing Beauty Cardboard Poster
    Morphy Auctions

    A cardboard poster dated around 1952, this is a classic Coke advertisement featuring a bathing beauty on the beach. The piece is slightly warped and has some stains and water damage to the upper left corner area. Add a few staple holes and small tack holes that have accumulated over the years, and it's rated at a very good condition.

    Measuring 27 by 56 inches, the poster sold for $460 in 2008 through Morphy Auctions.

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    Coca-Cola Life-Size Cardboard Military Girl Sign

    Coca-Cola Life-Size Cardboard Military Girl Sign
    Morphy Auctions

    Produced during World War II, this life-size stand-up sign can easily be dated to the 1940s. It's rarity depicting a young lady in military uniform added to the value as it has condition issues. There is some light soiling, marks, and wear, as well as insect damage in a number of areas. Its condition was listed as good. The size is 24 by 64 inches and Morphy Auctions sold it in 2008 for $287.50.

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    Cardboard Coca-Cola Santa Easel-Back Display

    Cardboard Coca-Cola Santa Easel-Back Display
    Morphy Auctions

    Santa Claus is a common figure in Coke advertising and the memorabilia with him on it is understandably quite popular. This die-cut cardboard easel-backed display piece dates from the 1950s and is 36 inches wide by 48 inches tall. Considered to be in excellent condition, it has a small closed tear at the bottom, minor marks, and light wear. At a 2008 sale by Morphy Auctions, it went for $258.75

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    Tin Litho Coca-Cola Serving Tray

    Tin Litho Coca-Cola Coke Collectibles Serving Tray
    Morphy Auctions

    From 1930 or so, this tin serving tray featuring a litho of a young woman in a bathing suit is fun. It does have numerous surface scratches and dents with noticeable wear to the rim and border. Its condition is considered good. The piece measures 10 1/2 by 13 inches and sold for $86.25 through Morphy Auctions in 2008.

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    Linemar Coca-Cola Battery-Operated Machine Toy

    Linemar Coca-Cola Battery-Operated Machine Toy
    Morphy Auctions

    A battery-operated Japanese toy bank dispenser, this piece includes the original box, which is scarce. It looks unused with the original water stopper and three plastic shot glasses. Overall, the 10-inch tall Linemar toy is in excellent condition. In 2008, it sold for $517.50 through Morphy Auctions.

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    Coca-Cola Die-Cut Cardboard Sign

    Coca-Cola Collectibles Die-Cut Cardboard Sign
    Morphy Auctions

    Dated around 1927, this die-cut cardboard sign is rarely seen on the market, but it's a fantastic piece. Measuring 12 by 13 inches, it has a few minor edge bends, small scratches, light to medium soiling, and marks. Considering its age and material, however, it's in very good to excellent condition. In 2008, it sold for $2,070 via Morphy Auctions.

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    Embossed Tin Coca-Cola Sign

    Embossed Tin Coca-Cola Collectibles Sign
    Morphy Auctions

    Another classic tin sign that you'll often find in reproductions, this piece is a beautiful example of the original. It is dated around 1933 and measures 11 1/2 by 35 inches. With only minuscule marks, wear, and very few nicks, its condition is excellent to near mint. The piece sold for $805 in 2008 through Morphy Auctions.

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    Coca-Cola Framed Calendar

    Coca-Cola Framed 1921 Calendar
    Morphy Auctions

    A page from a 1921 calendar, this piece is very subtle in its Coke advertising. Yet, the beautiful girl in a flower garden enjoying a Coca-Cola is unmistakable. 

    It is mounted under glass and includes the original metal hanging hook. Though January is the only visible month, it appears to have the full calendar pad. In excellent condition, the piece measures 12 by 31 3/4 inches. It sold for $805 at a 2008 Morphy Auctions sale.

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