Free Colorful and Unique Hanger Cover Crochet Patterns

High angle view of handmade decorated coathangers with crocheted design on pink background
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Crochet coat hangers are a fun project that many people overlook. They don't require a lot of yarn, so they can be great for using up scraps. They are a vintage-inspired home decor item, but there are many contemporary styles for this item. When you open your closet, you will smile, because all of your clothes will be neatly organized on very pretty handmade hangers. Crochet hanger covers are practical as well; your clothes won't slip off of the hanger and even the most delicate fabrics are safe atop soft crochet. These crochet patterns offer a variety of lovely clothes hanger cover designs to choose from. 

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    Simple Coat Hanger Cover

    Easy Crochet Hanger Free Pattern

    Andrea Denby/Ravelry 

    This free crochet hanger pattern is designed to work with DK-weight scrap yarn. This is a single crochet pattern (written as UK double crochet). You work from one end back to the center, repeat for the second side, and seam the two pieces together in the middle. This is a very simple crochet pattern intended to fit a wooden hanger that is approximately two centimeters in width.

    Simple Coat Hanger Cover from Andrea Denby via Ravelry

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    How to Cover a Wooden Coat Hanger

    Crochet Coat Hanger Tutorial

    Yarnbombers United

    Learn how to crochet a cover for any hanger with this free tutorial. Her patterns allow you a lot of choices, including whether you want to work with single crochet, half double crochet or double crochet stitches. She explains how to adapt the pattern to fit any hanger. The pattern has an optional scalloped edge.

    How to Cover a Wooden Coat Hanger from Yarnbombers United

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    Bernat Scallop Edge Hanger Cover

    Crochet Coat Hanger Cover with Shells


    Crochet scallops can be a nice design detail to edge a crocheted hanger. This design uses super simple single crochet stitches to cover a plastic hanger with yarn. Then the bottom edge is scalloped. This is a very easy design but one that really stands out. It's great for people who often have empty hangers, as the scallops will show best when nothing hangs on them. They will also peek through dresses with thin straps for a pretty effect.

    Bernat Scallop Edge Hanger Cover from Yarnspirations

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    Vintage Crochet Hanger Tutorial

    Crochet Coat Hanger Free Pattern

    My Rose Valley

    This is a photo-rich free crochet pattern for a vintage-inspired coat hanger cover. The design is built in a fascinating way with short rows that create a shell shape in a single color. The shape is outlined in a second color. Use pretty pastels to get that vintage look. This crochet pattern is written in both US and UK terms. It is designed to fit 16 1/2 inch long wooden coat hangers.

    Vintage Crochet Hanger Tutorial from My Rose Valley

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    Teddy Bear Crochet Hanger Cover

    Teddy Bear Crochet Hanger Cover Free Pattern

    Yarn Plaza 

    Hang your clothes up with a little teddy bear peeking out over the top. This is an especially cute free crochet pattern to use for hangers that go in a nursery. They make a great gift item as well. You can also use this pattern to crochet the basic stripes and shells for a hanger without the bears.

    Teddy Bear Crochet Hanger Cover from Yarn Plaza

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    Beaded Cotton Crochet Hanger Covers

    Beaded Crochet Hanger Cover Pattern

    Denise Voie de Vie/Ravelry

    The rich stitch detail of cotton yarn makes these crochet hangers stand out. That's not all, though; they're adorned with beads and topped off with a bow. The designer suggests that in addition to using them functionally in the closet, these pretty pieces can be hung on the wall as art.

    Beaded Cotton Crochet Hanger Covers from Denise Voie de Vie via Ravelry

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    Coral Coat Hangers

    Crochet Coat Hangers Free Patterns

    Hannah Cross/Ravelry

    Get two crochet hanger patterns for the (free) price of one with this design. One crochet hanger uses bobbles for textures. The other is designed with crochet shells. These covers are both designed to fit padded hangers measuring about 30 centimeters wide. They're worked in three colors of DK weight cotton yarn; the suggests colors have a bold citrus flair.

    Coral Coat Hangers from Hannah Cross via Ravelry

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    Easy Crochet Coat Hanger

    Crochet Hanger Cover Free Pattern

    Mollie Makes

    This is another two-for-one with one striped crochet pattern and a second complementary solid design. In each case, the stitches are the same across each row. However, the stitches in the solid design are taller than those in the striped design, and of course, that second design has no color changes. Note that this free crochet pattern set is written in UK crochet terms.

    Easy Crochet Coat Hanger from Mollie Makes

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    Rose Crochet Coat Hanger Pattern

    Rose Crochet Hanger Cover Pattern

    Sew Silly Lily/Ravelry

    You can add three-dimensional appliqués to any crochet coat hanger cover to make it a little bit more special. This pattern shows you how to make a basic hanger cover, with a delightful crochet rose attached. Combine rose hangers with covers that don't have roses attached for a set of pretty closet accessories.

    Rose Crochet Coat Hanger Pattern from Sew Silly Lily via Ravelry

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    Easy No Slip Hangers

    Crochet Hanger Cover Free Pattern

    Hands Occupied

    You don't have to cover an entire coat hanger with crochet to make it functional. This minimalist no-slip design is a nice touch for the hangers in a grown-up closet. The miniature side covers are made from single crochet. They use such little yarn that it's a great scrap yarn project.

    Easy No Slip Hangers from Hands Occupied