8 Clothing Fixes That Everyone Should Know

Adjusting pants hem


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It can be frustrating when a hole shows up in your favorite sweater or when the lining of your jeans pocket is ripped. Fortunately for you, these common clothing problems are not that hard to fix. The idea of mending your own clothes might scare you or sound too difficult, but with the right tutorial and some practice, you can fix your garments in a pinch. Here are the top 10 basic ways to fix any tears, rips, or bad fitting clothing.

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    How to Repair a Broken Zipper

    Broken zipper
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    Sometimes the teeth on a zipper don’t line up right, causing the zipper to catch.

    At this point, most people will get rid of the entire garment. What a shame, because this is such an easy fix! Follow these basic instructions for how to repair a broken zipper.

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    Fix a Ripped Armpit

    Shirt armpit hole
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    Ever happen to look down and realize your armpit is peeking back at your through a hole in your shirt?

    Or have you stretched to reach something and heard an audible 'riiiiippp'? We have some great illustrations for this quick tutorial on how to fix a ripped armpit.

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    Mend a Ripped Seam

    Woman sewing seam
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    Mending a seam is so quick and easy that it should never be a reason for tossing out your clothes.

    A seam will rip under stress, but that doesn’t mean that the fabric is damaged. All you need to do is replace the thread. Follow these easy steps to mend a ripped seam.

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    Repair Holes in Sweaters and Socks With Darning

    Man wearing sweater with holes
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    Ever hear of darning? This is practically a lost art from the bygone era when socks took forever for a grandma to knit.

    It's a very easy way to repair holes in any knit sweater, socks, and shirts. Learn how to repair holes in sweaters and socks with darning.

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    Mend a Torn Lining

    Seam ripper to fix lining
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    Clothes that have linings tend to be more expensive to purchase. Knowing how to mend a lining can save you some solid cash.

    Use these easy step-by-step instructions to mend a torn lining.

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    Make a Dress Larger

    Fashion designer in workshop
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    ‘Letting out’ a dress means that you are going to make it bigger by using fabric from the seams.

    Seams are the leftover fabric on the other side of the stitching that holds a garment together. Follow these simple instructions to make a dress larger.

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    How to Hem Pants

    Seamstress marking hem on a pair of jeans in tailor shop
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    When it comes to pants, it’s all about the fit. You may have a pair of pants that look great on the booty but are too long or short for your legs.

    Hemming pants is so easy that leg length should never stand between you and a hot pair of pants. If you can hem pants, then you’ve got the advantage every time you hit the dressing room. Follow this tutorial to learn how to hem pants.

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    Make a Dress Smaller

    Seamstress measuring dress on mannequin
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    'Taking in' a dress is the opposite of 'letting out'. This means turning some of the fabric into seam allowance for more snug fit.