24 Fun Clothespin Crafts for Kids

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    24 Clothespin Crafts for Kids

    25 Clothespin Crafts for Kids
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    One of the most versatile craft supplies is the clothespin. It can be crafted into almost anything you want it to be. Find clothespins in your home or go to a craft store to make these clothespin crafts with your kids. Add pipe cleaners, paper, glitter, googly eyes, and more to complete these projects. And, most of all, have fun!

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    Minion Clothespins

    Minion painted clothespin crafts

    Who loves Minions in your house? Gather them together for this super cute Minion clothespin craft. Paint the clothespins to look like Minions for hours of fun playtime. These would make great "quiet time" toys.

    Minion Clothespins from Gluesticks and Gumdrops

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    Clothespin Mermaids

    Clothespin mermaid crafts for kids

    This is the perfect craft for a mermaid or ocean-themed birthday party. It uses simple craft supplies and makes a cute party favor.

    Clothespin Mermaids from Glued To My Crafts

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    Clothespin Animal Olympics Catapult

    Clothespin catapult craft

    You can make your own catapult using a few supplies and a clothespin. This simple activity will provide hours of entertainment for your kiddos. 

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    Clothespin and Button Car Craft

    Clothespin toy car craft

    Pick a slow afternoon to try making these clothespin and buttons cars with your kids. This craft is made for older kids with a little adult supervision. Make roads out of cardboard to roll the cars along.

    Clothespin and Button Car Craft from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls

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    Clothespin Love Arrows

    Clothespin love arrows

    What a fun craft idea for Valentine's Day! Your kids could hand these out in their classrooms as an alternative to candy. 

    Clothespin Love Arrow Tutorial from I Gotta Create!

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    Clothespin Dragonflies

    clothespin dragonfly craft

    Make these colorful dragonflies fly around your home and craft these with your children. Use pipe cleaners for the wings of the dragonfly. Simple, fun, and cute!

    Clothespin Dragonflies from Crafty Morning

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    Alligator Clothespins

    clothespin alligator kids craft

    These silly clothespin alligators are easy and lots of fun to craft. Green paint, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and construction paper are just some of the supplies you'll need for this kids' craft.

    Alligator Clothespin Craft from SheKnows

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    Bunny Clothespin

    bunny clothespin easter kids craft

    Who knew that a clothespin makes the shape of a bunny? Just a little paint and you've got the perfect craft for Easter and springtime

    Bunny Clothespins from Chica Circle

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    Ant Tablecloth Clips

    clothespin ant craft

    These might be the only ants you'll actually like! Not only are these ant clothespins really adorable, they make great tablecloth clips for any outdoor picnic or party. 

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    Glitter Clothespin Magnets

    glitter clothespin magnets

    The ideas are endless with this creative glitter clothespin magnet craft. Hang them on your fridge and use them to hold important papers or other artwork. 

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    Disney Planes DIY Mini Clothespin Airplanes

    diy clothespin planes

    If any of your children love the movie Planes, they will really enjoy doing this clothespin plane craft. Take them for a flight around your home!


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    Easter Bunny Clothespin

    easter bunny craft for kids

    Clothespins attached to pom poms make cute little bunnies for Easter. The Easter Bunny can use these as little toys to put into Easter baskets for your kids. 

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    Superhero Clothespin Craft

    Superhero clothespin kids craft

    These Superhero clothespins are here to save the day! Your kids will love crafting these colorful clothespin superheroes and using them for playtime. 

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    Clothespin Bats

    Clothespin bat craft

    Add black construction paper wings to clothespins to make these spooky bats. This is a great craft for Halloween, but can also be made any time of the year. 

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    Clothespin Art Center

    clothespin art center

    Create this art center with clothespins to hang and display all of your children's art projects. This is a creative craft to do with your kids.

    Clothespin Art Center from Crafts by Amanda

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    Clothespin Dragonfly Craft

    clothespin dragonfly craft

    Clip these rainbow-colored dragonflies onto different objects in your home. It will look like they are flying all over! This is a cute and easy craft for kids of all ages. 

    Clothespin Dragonfly Craft from First Palette

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    Clothespin Race Car

    clothespin race car craft

    Attach four buttons to a clothespin to make these toy race cars. Build a race car track and watch them cross the finish line.

    Clothespin Race Cars from Ikat Bag

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    Queen's Guard Peg Dolls

    london guard peg dolls

    These iconic peg dolls are a great learning tool for your children. Teach them about London and the Queen with this clothespin craft.

    Queen's Guard Peg Dolls from The Crafty Crow

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    Spring Bug Clothespin Magnets

    spring bug magnets

    Display these spring bug magnets on your fridge. They are small, cute, and easy to make with your kids. They can hold important papers, art papers, or recipes.

    Spring Bug Clothespin Magnets from Fun365

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    Butterfly Snack Bags

    butterfly snack bags

    Wouldn't this be fun to find in your lunch? Put your child's favorite snacks in these butterfly bags and use a clothespin to finish the craft. 

    Butterfly Snack Bags from Kids Activities

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    Clothespin Foil Crafts for Kids

    clothespin foil craft for kids

    Try this different crafting technique with this clothespin foil kids craft. Have fun making this funny robot with your kiddos. 

    Clothespin Foil Crafts from Crafts by Amanda

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    DIY Locker Clips

    diy locker clips

    DIY locker clips make a great craft for older kids who have school lockers. They can personalize them however they want. Easy to make and a super fun craft!

    DIY Locker Clips from Kids Activities