10 Free Christmas Stocking Patterns

Mini Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern
Sew Can She

If you need some stockings to be hung by the chimney with care, there are many ways to make these classic Christmas decorations happen. This list of free stocking sewing patterns provides lots of options.

You don't usually need a lot of fabric, either. You can use velvet, wool, or cotton for a sturdier stocking or use felt for a more economical option. The material should stretch without bulging and be hand or machine-washable.

When first getting started, plan on at least an 11- by 14-inch piece of fabric for the front and back outside pieces and another 11- by 14-inch piece for the front and back lining pieces. Although sizes of stockings can vary widely, most average about 18 to 28 inches. Plan on the stockings holding at least four presents or items, traditionally candy, nuts, little toys, or other small gift ideas.

You can decorate them with and for children or sew heirloom pieces that will be treasured for generations. Read on to figure out how to make something special this holiday season with simple supplies, a little know-how, and free stocking patterns.

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    Sew Fun Felt Stockings

    DIY Christmas Stockings
    Hallmark Cards, Inc. and Think.Make.Share

    Felt stockings are simple, fun, and still a classic. The extra charms, tassels, and pom-poms add a fun element that kids and adults will love, and you can sew them all by hand. Plus, as this project from Hallmark shows, there are many ways to dress them up with decorations. From embroidery and appliqué to folded and faux cuffs, your biggest challenge will be deciding on a style.

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    Quilt Heirloom Christmas Stockings

    Quilted Christmas Stocking Pattern
    Suzy Quilts

    Want to make stockings that you'll love to hang by the fireplace year after year? These gorgeous modern quilted stockings from Suzy Quilts will do the trick. The piecing shows off your favorite fabrics, and the straight-line quilting and lack of cuff add to the fresh yet classic style.

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    Make Adorable Mini Stockings

    Adorable Mini Christmas Stockings

    Sew Can She

    These chubby little stockings from Sew Can She are sure to be a hit with kids because they're so cute. But they're also perfect for adults because they are great for holding things like gift cards or other small and unique items. The sherpa around the cuff adds to the look and makes them extra adorable.

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    Sew an Easy Fleece Stocking

    Sew an Easy Fleece Christmas Stocking
    Mollie Johanson

    This simple stocking is easy to sew with fleece and a few seams. The fleece doesn't fray, so you don't need to finish the seams or add a lining. Because it's so fast to make, it even makes a fun and reusable gift bag. Want to customize it? Use colors or prints that the recipient will love.

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    Create a Classic Stocking for Your Fireplace

    Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern With Cuff, Heel, and Toe
    Coral and Co.

    This might be what you picture when you think of what a classic stocking looks like, and Shelly from Coral + Co. has the free pattern for you. In addition to this great design, she has several other options for making stockings, so be sure to look around to find exactly what works for you and your home this Christmas.

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    Craft Playful Pom-Pom Stockings

    Easy Felt Pom Pom Stockings
    Hello, Wonderful

    Get the kids involved in the making with these fun felt stockings from Hello, Wonderful. Older kids can easily sew the simple shapes; then, everyone can help make pom-poms to bring a festive vibe to them.

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    Weave a Set of Special Stockings

    DIY Woven Stockings
    Rachel Denbow for A Beautiful Mess

    Your Christmas stockings will be one of a kind when you weave the fabric for them. That may sound more complicated than you'd like, but Rachel Denbow walks you through the process, including making a stocking-shaped loom. The weaving is only on the front, so the rest is simple sewing after you weave that. Not only is this project from A Beautiful Mess unique, but it's also a great way to use any yarn scraps you may have lying around.

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    Make a Stocking for Your Furry Friend

    Paw Stocking Sewing Pattern

    Don't let your pet feel left out this Christmas. This adorable stocking is shaped like a paw and is perfect for your furry friend waiting for Santa Paws to come down the chimney. Patty from MODKID also shares her free pattern for a curly elf-toed stocking that will bring smiles.

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    Upcycle Sweaters for Stockings

    Christmas Stocking Tutorial With Sweater Cuffs
    Lovely Indeed

    Want the look of a knitted stocking without actually knitting? This fantastic tutorial from Lovely Indeed shows you how to make a cuff from an upcycled sweater. The result is a gorgeous lined holiday decoration that you can use for years.

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    Sew a Stocking With a Stuffed Animal

    Stuffed Animal Christmas Stocking Tutorial
    Swoodson Says

    Playful is the first word that comes to mind with this stocking. Stephanie from Swoodson Says shows you how to sew a faux-fur stocking that's as soft as a stuffed animal, but then she adds a fluffy friend to the front. Talk about a great way to upgrade a stuffed toy and bring the fun factor to your mantel.