3-Hour Bargello Needlepoint Christmas Stockings

Bargello Christmas needlepoint stockings
The Spruce / Althea R. DeBrule
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    3 Fun Mini Needlepoint Stocking Projects for Your Tree

    Treat yourself to some fantastic holiday stitching and add needlepoint accents to your tree with these three mini stocking designs. The super-easy patterns stitch up quickly in three hours or less with classic Bargello or Long Stitch on perforated paper, plastic or mono needlepoint canvas.

    Relax and set aside a few hours over the next few days to make these dazzling tree ornaments. Since long stitches are very simple to work, you'll be able to make colorful poinsettia, holly berry, and diamond mini needlepoint stockings and finish them to hold flatware for a holiday table setting; or attach them to festive garland for impressive seasonal decorating and gift-giving.

    The three stocking needlepoint patterns are only a starting point. Feel free to create even more striking designs by changing the colors and pattern size as well as using different shapes like stars, round balls, triangles and more.

    General Project Supplies

    • Mini stocking template: Use a coloring book page or download an online holiday template to create the outline of each needlepoint stocking. The shapes for the models were traced from a ready-made tree ornament.
    • Needlepoint design chart: Download and print copies of the charts before starting the projects.
    • Needlepoint canvas: The original patterns were stitched on #18-mesh mono needlepoint canvas; however, based on preference, you can use any size or type of canvas you may have on hand to make these beautiful stockings.
    • Stretcher bars or scroll frame: To keep the canvas taut for stitching, you’ll want to use stretcher bars or a scroll frame. These handy tools will reduce the need for blocking during the final finishing. Use sizes appropriate for the canvas you have chosen.
    • Assorted threads and fibers: Each project can be stitched using any holiday threads suitable for the size canvas you have chosen, but feel free to use whatever yarn and color combinations that are pleasing to you and that reflect your style and creativity. If you have leftover threads in holiday colors from a recent needlepoint piece, use these first to save money.

    Stitching Hints

    1. Trace the stocking shape onto needlepoint canvas. Draw in a reinforced heel and toe area on each stocking canvas and work them in classic needlepoint stitches or the Kalem Knit Stitch.
    2. All stitching except the Holly Berries Design should begin in the center of the canvas to make sure the design is evenly spaced and properly placed.
    3. It is critical to count the canvas threads, not the holes between the mesh when working Bargello designs; so follow the charts closely when making multiple rows of berries, diamonds, and poinsettias to get the correct distance between them.
    4. Since you will be working all of the projects with an upright straight stitch, you will need to use an extra strand or ply of thread in the needle to get the desired canvas coverage. For #18-mesh canvas, instead of 2 strands of cotton or wool in the needle, you will need to work with three plies.
    5. Although you can stitch with longer thread lengths for Bargello needlepoint, you should still keep the thread to 18 inches to prevent snagging and fraying.
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    Holly Berry Needlepoint Stocking Ornament Pattern

    Holly Berry needlepoint stocking pattern
    The Spruce / Althea R. DeBrule

    Welcome the holiday season with a cheerful and charming needlepoint stocking that features holly berries. A few decorative touches like mini tassels, tiny beads and jingle bells as well as other found objects will not only add texture but some festive Christmas spirit to your project.

    With long alternating stitches that step up or down one canvas thread, you can create the illusion of circles and berries—especially when worked in variegated or overdyed red cotton embroidery floss or stranded silk. This soft, subtle color palette mixes perfectly with long stitches to give you a project that will be fun to stitch and great to display during the holiday season.

    Stitching the Pattern

    Download and print a copy of the Holly Berries Needlepoint Stocking Pattern and use it along with the following instructions.

    1. For best results, begin with a waste knot that’s placed far enough away from your starting place (about an inch), and stitch over it as you work the Bargello berries.
    2. Stitch the berries first from either the right or left by working over 4 canvas threads and then stepping up one mesh to work over 6 threads. Step up one more mesh to work three consecutive stitches over 8 threads.
    3. Reverse the order of stitching by stepping down one mesh to work again over 6 and then over 4 threads. Repeat this pattern to work more berries across the canvas until you come to the stocking boundary.
    4. Thread the needle with green to work the holly. Starting either on top or under the red berries you have just stitched, you must work over 6 canvas threads and step down one mesh to stitch over 4 threads. Continue to step down one and work over 2 mesh for 3 consecutive stitches.
    5. Reverse the order and step up one to work over 4 and 6 threads, and then repeat the above step.
    6. You can work the pattern as given or do your own thing by stitching all the berries first across the entire stocking and then filling in the background with your favorite green metallic or Persian yarn.
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    Christmas Fancy Diamond Needlepoint Stocking Pattern

    Christmas Fancy diamond needlepoint stocking pattern
    The Spruce / Althea R. DeBrule

    Indulge in some holiday “fancy” with this exciting needlepoint stocking created in a fun diamond geometric pattern. You’re certain to love stitching this one as it can be put together in a variety of ways.

    Bargello diamond patterns are excellent sources for creating unique needlepoint designs, and this pattern does not disappoint with its striking outer diamond shape and two pastel inner shapes.

    Silver Smyrna Cross stitches create sparkling effects and give added texture and lift to the center of each diamond motif and when worked midway through the outer outlines. Fill your tree with a variety of diamond stocking ornaments made in beautiful Christmas colors.

    Working the Design

    Get the free Christmas Fancy Diamond Needlepoint Chart and use it as a guide when stitching.

    1. To cover the canvas with as many complete diamond motifs as possible, match the center of the chart with the center of the stocking shape and start stitching at this point.
    2. Save the Smyrna Cross specialty stitches for last after all diamonds have been completed—even if they are in the center of the canvas.
    3. The pattern is worked entirely in a one-step rhythm either up or down as shown in the pattern image. Carefully follow the chart, taking special note of the change in the direction of the outer diamond long stitches.
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    Glorious Poinsettia Needlepoint Stocking Pattern

    Poinsettia Needlepoint stocking pattern
    The Spruce / Althea R. DeBrule

    Looking for a fresh way to greet another Christmas holiday season? Then, work this delightful Poinsettia Needlepoint Stocking Design in long stitches. Although it is the most challenging of the three stocking projects, once you establish the pattern rhythm, you’ll find that it works up faster than the others.

    Stitching Tips

    • You will need to stretch the canvas as taut as possible while mounting it on stretcher bars so that the long stitches will look flat, smooth and even, and your tension will be more consistent.
    • Spread out your holiday-colored threads and choose three light to dark shades of red and two green to work the poinsettia motifs. Accent the red flowers with gold metallic braid and the green ones with the darkest of the red threads.
    • The background can be easily completed with a simple scotch stitch worked in white wool. This stitch is an excellent one if you want to emphasize the background really, but without it overpowering the poinsettia motifs.

    Easy Finishing

    The stitched stockings can easily be finished in one hour or less with the following supplies and instructions. You will need:

    • Red, green or white felt fabric
    • A piece of fusible interfacing cut in the stocking shape
    • Optional braided cord for trim
    • Ribbon for hanging the stockings
    • Sewing machine or hand sewing needles

    Trim the canvas to within two or three threads from the stitching. Place a piece of tracing paper over the stitched stockings and draw around the outline as close to the stitching as possible. Cut out and use as a template.

    Fold the felt fabric in half and place the template on top. Cut out two shapes for each stocking and repeat with the interfacing, cutting out one shape for each (reverse the side for the interfacing).

    Iron on the interfacing, making sure that all edges have fused together. Sew both felt shapes to the back of the stocking on the same stitching line or in-the-ditch. Leave the entire top open.

    Trim away excess felt, and interfacing and hand sew the felt piece that is closest to the interfacing directly to the canvas.

    Trim around the stocking with braided cord, if desired. Attach the ribbon hanger and place it on your tree or gift.