12 Cute FREE Christmas Ornament Crochet Patterns

Decorate your home and tree with these crochet ornaments

Ribbon Christmas Tree FREE Crochet Ornament Pattern
Michelle Robinson, Poppy and Bliss

Handmade holidays are so much fun. You can crochet everything from the table linens for your Christmas dinner to the gifts that you give everyone in your life. And, of course, you can crochet your home decor. Specifically, you can add something unique and special to your Christmas tree with handmade crochet ornaments. Once you have made these, you'll want to take them out again year after year to fill your home with the crafty love that went into making them in the first place. What a great...MORE way to bring your own personal skills to the season! You can also gift individual ornaments or sets of ornaments to others to add something home-y to their holiday as well. Here are twelve free Christmas ornament crochet patterns to get you started!