Christmas Geometric Embroidery Patterns

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    A Very Geometric Christmas

    Geometric Christmas Embroidery Patterns
    Mollie Johanson

    When it comes to embroidery, the most math you probably want to do is estimating how much embroidery floss you'll need for a project. But you'll love the look of simple Christmas designs made with a touch of geometry or at least embroidery with a geometric look.

    These six motifs are perfect for Christmas and winter and they are so easy to stitch. If you can make a straight stitch, you can embroider these designs.

    Because of their simplicity, these patterns will be quick to stitch, which is helpful when the holidays come close. They are very suitable for embroidering on paper to make cards and tags and they would also make perfect ornaments. 

    You might even use them to help a child learn how to embroider for the first time or to create a modern embroidered quilt.

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    Geometric Christmas Patterns

    Geometric Christmas Patterns
    Mollie Johanson

    To use this pattern, download the full-size image, size as desired, and print. Then, trace the motif (or use this easy method) and start stitching.

    Another way to trace or transfer these patterns is to mark them only with dots where the lines will connect with each other. Think of them as a stitchable dot-to-dot design.

    These simple geometric designs are perfect for embroidering on wood. If you do that, be sure to follow the embroidering on ​a wood guide when transferring the patterns. The embroidered wood can become an instant ornament.

    Please Note: These patterns are copyrighted © by Mollie Johanson. The patterns are free for your own personal use and creating finished embroidery available for sale in small quantities, but please do not redistribute this pattern in any way.

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    Stitching the Geometric Christmas Designs

    Color Geometric Christmas Patterns
    Mollie Johanson

    When embroidering these designs, choose whatever colors suit your taste. Color suggestions are shown only to help define the different areas of the motifs. You can use very traditional colors or something much more modern.

    And although some of these have multiple colors shown on one design, you could stitch each one in all one color and still see the different parts of the motif.

    Stitches and Sizing

    Although each pattern is made up of straight stitch lines, you'll most likely want to stitch them using back stitch with each line segment as a single stitch. 

    You can embroider these at just about any size, so consider shrinking or enlarging the pattern. If you make the patterns smaller, use just a few strands. If you choose to work in giant embroidery try stitching with Perle cotton or even yarn.

    Another option would be to stitch each section of a design with satin stitch, altering the direction of the stitch for each segment. The filled-in look would make a bold, colorful statement.

    Stitch Length and Other Considerations

    You can use these designs just about anywhere you might embroider something. Just remember that, depending on how large you size them, these patterns will have some longer stitches that could catch and pull.

    If you want to stitch these on things like clothing or kitchen towels, consider using a basic outlining stitch (such as stem stitch, split stitch, or even back stitch), but taking shorter stitches to create the line segments.

    May these designs give you the opportunity to enjoy some relaxing, no-stress holiday embroidery.