Quilt Sampler Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern

Kawaii Christmas Quilt Mini Sampler Cross Stitch
Mollie Johanson

Stitch the Cutest Christmas Cross Stitch Design

Kawaii Christmas Quilt Mini Sampler Cross Stitch
Mollie Johanson

Get in the holiday spirit with this free Christmas cross stitch pattern! It's inspired by cozy winter quilts and super cute seasonal motifs. Plus, because it's simple and broken down into small chunks, it's perfect for kids and beginners.

The border around this sampler is like a quilt border with the decorative "blocks" between the rows. And in the center, there's a saw-tooth star quilt design to finish off the look! Each block is a small and easy motif that you can also use on its own. Not only is this a sampler, but it's also five mini patterns in one!

To keep this modern and fun, use bright neon shades of embroidery floss. They aren't traditional Christmas colors, but that's what makes cute! You can also use different thread colors in classic colors. It's okay to mix it up and use what makes you happy.

Ready to start stitching some Xs? 

Downloadable Christmas Quilt Cross Stitch Sampler

Christmas Quilt Mini Sampler Cross Stitch Chart
Mollie Johanson


Download the JPG Christmas Quilt Sampler cross stitch pattern, then print it out or save it to your tablet or another device for easy access as you work.


  • 16-count Aida cloth
  • DMC embroidery floss: 839, 992, 991, 165, 742, 893, 891, 917, 915, 310
  • Embroidery hoop (optional)


  • Cross stitch needle
  • Scissors

A Note About Embroidery Hoops: Most of the time you see cross stitch happening in an embroidery hoop of some kind. But you can also stitch without a hoop by rolling the edge of the fabric in and holding it while you stitch. This allows you to dip the needle down through the fabric and come back up again in a single stitch, like the sewing method in embroidery

Cross Stitch Your Own Mini Christmas Quilt

Close-Up View on the Heart From the Christmas Cross Stitch Design
Mollie Johanson

Getting Started

Get your Aida cloth ready by placing it in hoop (if you're using one) and mark out the grid if you want. Because of the grid style of this pattern, you can also use the pattern itself as a grid. For this, start by stitching the quilt frame. From there you can stitch each motif within the squares.

To start your cross stitching without a knot, fold a strand of embroidery floss in half and thread the two loose ends through the needle. Begin the first half of the first stitch without pulling the thread all the way through, then pass the needle through the loop on the back of your work. This secures the thread without weaving the starting ends.

Strands and Stitches

When working on 16-count Aida, use two strands of embroidery floss throughout the design (with the starting method above, you only need one folded strand). 

All the stitches in this pattern are whole cross stitches, plus the details for the faces.

Stitching the Faces

The faces on these motifs make them friendly and cute! Stitch them with two strands of black embroidery floss. Use french knots for the eyes and back stitch for the mouths. If you don't want the faces on your designs, you can simply omit them.

Finish Your Cross Stitch Christmas Sampler

Christmas Quilt-Inspired Sampler Cross Stitch
Mollie Johanson

Frame your finished cross stitch in a hoop or with a professional frame. You can also use the pattern, or pieces of it, to make other projects like pins or bookmarks.

To add some extra sparkle to your holiday cross stitch, use a few metallic threads. After all, Christmas is known for a bit of glitz! You can also add beads to the wreaths and trees.

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