Chrissy Pk

Chrissy Pk
Chrissy Pk

Hi there! My name is Chrissy, I'm 27 and I live in Australia, I simply love making origami.


I have been blogging on my main website, Paper Kawaii since 2008, Paper Kawaii started out as a resource website for fellow origami and paper craft enthusiasts with a focus on the more 'cute' and pretty aspects of origami and paper craft models out there.  

Although I had big plans for the blog, it has changed a lot, with the inclusion of my Youtube channel and also some original models of my own.

More recently I have started a new website, Paper Crystal which offers free printable origami paper as well as free wrapping paper, origami templates and paper models.


Originally from England, I have a diploma in Fine Art and a degree in Multimedia which I received at University of Brighton.

For several years I have been a freelance web designer and graphic designer specialising in websites for Artists, Musicians and other creative individuals.

Chrissy Pk

Origami is a craft which requires 3 things; paper, patience and practice.

I love origami for its beautiful results, challenging construction and mathematical planning. 

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