Chris Baylor

Chris Baylor, Woodworking Guide for, has been a longtime professional and hobbyist woodworker, spending many years mastering his skills in various aspects of woodworking.

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Chris' passion for woodworking began early in life when, at the age of 13, he built a foosball table in his parents' basement from scrap stock. While he says it certainly wasn't the most attractive piece, it helped him discovered his passion for woodworking. Although he spent time in both commercial and residential construction learning from a couple of master carpenters, he says he was much happier spending time in the workshop. He soon began designing his own pieces, a number of which will be available on About Woodworking.

Chris Baylor

I love all aspects of woodworking, from the smell of freshly cut cedar to the richness and beauty of finely-finished cherry or tiger maple. It seems like a cliche, but I truly feel like a kid in a candy store every time I visit my local woodworking tool supplier. No matter whether you already share my passion for woodworking or are just getting started, I hope you'll make About Woodworking your first stop for woodworking ideas and advice.

The goal at About Woodworking is to provide a place where you can find reliable reviews of woodworking tools, thorough and useful sets of free woodworking plans, and an interactive user forum where you can ask (and find the answers to) your most challenging woodworking questions,

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