Choose Joy Embroidery Pattern

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    A Stitchable Reminder to Choose Joy

    Choose Joy Embroidery Pattern
    Choose Joy Embroidery Pattern. © Mollie Johanson, Licensed to

    If you want your days to be filled with more than just the average, deciding to focus on the good things is a good place to start, and stitching this reminder to choose joy can help too! The free pattern is purely text and so easy to embroider, even if you're just getting started.

    You can work the pattern at any size you want, even if you want to try some giant stitching. It's all a matter of where you want to stitch your reminder and what materials you plan on using.

    Spend a lot of time in the kitchen? You may want to have these words on a set of tea towels. Need some joy in the family room? Try stitching on a pillow cover. Or if you just want to have this phrase in a space you pass by frequently, you might make a Choose Joy wall hanging

    If the lettering on its own is too simple for you, add some improvised flowers or other designs around the words. Consider motifs that would bring you joy!

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    Choose Joy Embroidery Pattern

    Choose Joy Embroidery Pattern
    Choose Joy Embroidery Pattern. © Mollie Johanson, Licensed to

    Depending on the size you want to stitch this design, there are two ways to download it. If you plan to embroider a little smaller (about 7" or less), download the single JPG file and print it at the size you want.

    If you want to stitch this much larger (up to 11" easily), you will need to download the "choose" JPG and also the "JOY" JPG. Print at 100% and combine the two pieces when you mark the pattern. You could enlarge it even more on a copier and tile the pieces for some truly giant stitching.

    The design is simple enough that tracing with a water-soluble marker will work well, but there are many pattern marking methods that will work

    Use the stitches that are comfortable and the most enjoyable for you to work with.  

    Or, if you need some ideas of where to start, consider stitching the word "choose" with chain stitch or two side-by-side lines of back stitch. "Joy" would also look good embroidered with a thick line of chain stitch. 

    As another option, within the JOY letters, you could create a sampler of sorts with rows of different stitch, you could fill them in the style of this silhouette embroidery, or even replace them with some felt applique. There's a lot of room for creativity.

    The larger that you stitch this design, the simpler your stitches can be. And it's okay to let the meaning of the words stand out more than the stitching.

    As you stitch, you might just be reminded of more reasons to find joy in your every day!

    Note: This pattern is copyrighted Mollie Johanson and created for You may sell hand embroidered items using this pattern, but the pattern itself may not be sold.