Spotlight on Designers: CherryWood Design Studios

Inside the Cross Stitch World of CherryWood Designs

 Stoney Creek

CherryWood Design Studio is a name many in the cross stitch world know and love. They create fun and whimsical patterns for every skill level. Let's find out more about this amazing company and the people who run it. 

How the Company Was Born:

CherryWood Design Studios is the partnering of 2 friends; Cathy Habermann and Theresa Curry. Cathy explains, "While traveling the county roads of Northwest Iowa on a quilt shop hop several years ago, an idea was born. When we began designing, we adopted a 3F rule – fun, funky and fresh. If a design didn’t meet those standards, it didn’t go to print. Our 2nd rule: if we don’t want to stitch a design, nobody else will either – we have to feel like we would be drawn to a chart of we saw it in a LNS [local needlecraft shop]."

What's in a Name?:

When asked how they named their company, Cathy replied, "People always ask how we came up with the name, I live in Sioux City, Woodbury Co, IA & Theresa lives in Cherokee, Cherokee Co, IA – we merged the CherryWood from our two counties – mostly because we are driving at least once a week to each other’s house. When not driving back & forth, we talk, scan, text, download, twitter & e-mail daily!"

Getting Started:

Cathy's desire to "stay in the biz" after she closed the LNS she owned to spend time with her family precipitated the start of CherryWood Design Studios. She was known for her classes and often created designs to show off techniques and fibers. She continued the “Hands On” part with her needlecraft finishing services. She says, "I enjoy finishing and visiting with my customers all over the country. The designing part was a natural extension of my love of this industry. I knew that Theresa and I would make great design partners. We are alike in many areas, but complementary as well with our individual strengths."

Learning to Stitch:

Cathy "... started cross-stitching at the age of 9. I was always fascinated by color & detail. I bought a stamped sampler kit at a local fabric shop." Cathy's first piece still hangs in her mother’s house. While Cathy was mostly self-taught, she started seriously taking classes about 22 years ago.

Interesting Designs:

Cathy and Theresa started off with a lot of seasonal pieces, especailly Fall & Halloween-themed projects. Their Christmas Blessing sampler has a sentiment that would apply all year.

Both designers are fans of seasonal projects. They both regularly switch out the stitched pieces in their home and figure we are not alone. Each pattern includes a story that either explains the inspiration of the pattern or contains a personal thought from the designers. Cathy says, "It’s sort of our version of a 'pattern blog'."

Sources of Inspiration:

Asked to reveal their sources of inspiration, Cathy exclaims, "EVERYWHERE! Seriously! home, shopping, traveling, reading. Ask Theresa how many times I start a sentence, 'I was in the shower…' My Husband swears we can write off the water bill as a business expense!"

Favorite Design:

Cathy's favorite design is 3 Black Cats because she just loves the story and the storybook finish took us in a whole new design direction. They got their first fan mail from this pattern. 

Products Offered:

Their charts are designed for all stitching levels. In many of their charts, they give several options: a specialty stitch in place of a cross-stitch, a button in place of a stitched motif. All of them are diagrammed for cross-stitch and the stitcher can make the choice.

Cherrywood Designs showcase a number of fun patterns that can be cross stitched by every skill level. The owners are as happy and playful as the projects they produce. We can't wait to see what is next for these creative ladies. Their patterns can be purchased through a wide variety of online needlework vendors such as Charting Creations,  Stoney Creek and Everything Cross Stitch.