Charity Sewing Projects to Fill Community Needs


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Charity sewing can fill all kinds of needs in our communities. Many people from sewing circles can turn charity sewing into a real community event. If you're a crafter looking to make new friends this is a great way to go about it. Even if sewing circles aren't your style you can still sew projects on your own. It's a great use of your spare time. Use your groups or sew by yourself, but sew.

The patterns and projects listed here can fill so many community needs at places like shelters, hospitals, nursing homes and more, that it's a shame to not sew to meet the needs of the places that need our help. Consider using production sewing methods to mass-produce the project of your choice.

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    For Nursing Homes and Hospitals

    Hospitals and nursing homes always have needs that need to be filled. Help others in need by sewing these free projects.

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    For Cancer Patients

    Use your sewing skills to help charities in need. No one wants to be a cancer patient. Many of the items you can make can't be bought and fill a need that not only makes a difference, but it can also make someone smile to know that someone cared enough to make that item for them.

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    For Shelters

    Homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters and many other types of shelter need our help to help people get a new start on building their lives. The people who use these organizations have been through some really hard times and gifts to help get them back on their feet are always welcome.  

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    Dress a Girl Around the World

    "Imagine a world where every little girl owned at least one dress" sums up the goal of Hope 4 Women International. Their site is well developed and will guide you through the steps to reach out and help. If you are going to make the T-shirt dress that a pattern is provided for, scour drug stores for clearance and bargain T-shirts. There are plenty of ways to sew for children on a budget.

    Old band T-shirts can make for especially cool and unique dresses. Little girls like lots of different styles, this is a chance for you to get creative! The girls will love it.