Charities for Crochet Donations

Places to donate crochet blankets, scarves and more

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It can be so wonderful to donate your crochet to others through charities or individual donations. This allows you to create many, many beautiful things without facing that question of where to store them or what to do with them all. Crochet is a way that you can give back to the world around you, connecting you to others and allowing you to support causes that you care about even if you have very little to give monetarily.

Here is a list of some of the organizations that accept crochet donations. Please note that the needs of charities change frequently so it is very important to check the websites or contact the coordinator of the program you’re interested in to confirm that they still need donations and what they are currently accepting.

Crochet for Babies and Children

People who enjoy making items for babies, especially crochet baby blankets, will find that there are many different places that accept these types of donations. Here are four different popular organizations that regularly accept crochet donations.

In addition to crochet baby blankets, you'll see that these organizations accept a range of items for young ones including crochet hats and stuffed animals.

Crochet for Elderly

There are many different places where you can donate crochet to the elderly. People who live in nursing homes often appreciate the little homemade touches such as the comfort of their own crochet blanket. You can find a number of different places to donate crochet blankets and other items to the elderly; here are two to get you started:

For Homeless, Low-Income, At-Risk, People In Need:

People who have very little can have their lives hugely impacted by the gift of a crochet donation. Crochet blankets, scarves, hats, and gloves are all useful for people who are living on the streets or who can't afford to make ends meet and still buy warm winter clothing. Here are three organizations that accept crochet donations:

Crochet For the Military

People often wonder what they can do to be of service to those who are of service to this country. If that's the type of charity work that interests you then you may want to donate to one of these four organizations:

Crochet For People with Cancer

Chemo caps are the most popular crochet item for people with cancer, allowing them to have a soft woolen hat to cover their heads as they go through chemotherapy treatments. However, you can donate other items to support people going through this struggle as well. Here are three organizations that accept donations for cancer patients:

Crochet For Pets / Animals

Two-legged folks aren't the only ones who benefit from crochet. Donate crochet to keep shelter animals cozy, too.

Donate Locally

We’d also like to remind you that you probably have many opportunities to donate your crochet locally to the people right in your own community. You can contact local shelters, community centers, clinics, hospitals, churches, libraries and many other organizations to connect with people and find folks in need.