Ceramic Christmas Decoration Ideas

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    How to Make Ceramic Christmas Baubles

    How to make ceramic Christmas baubles
    How to make ceramic Christmas baubles. Getty

    There is nothing better than crafting all of the decorations on your Christmas tree yourself and they’re actually so much easier and more fun to make than you might imagine. First of all, your Christmas tree wouldn’t be complete without baubles and while these are a little time consuming to make in ceramics, the effect is pretty magical. You’ll need to start by making two pinch pots. To do this, weigh each of the clay balls first so they are the exact same size and once they’re formed into a...MORE sphere make sure you’ve smoothed out all of the cracks. Then they’re ready to pinch, work them round and round with your hands with quick neat pinches. Once each pinch pot is formed you can tap them on the table to form a flat lip on the rim. Put the two pinch pots to make sure they line up identically. Then you’ll need to slip and score the rims of each of the bowls, then sandwich them together. Neatly push the two together so they fit snugly, then you’re ready to smooth them. A good idea is to make a rough ring of clay to sit the bauble on so it doesn’t loose its shape while you are smoothing it (it’s also important to leave the clay to dry a little before smoothing it). Use a tool like a wooden rib (or your fingers) to blend the seams together and smooth over any cracks, pushing and pulling the clay gently in each direction. Tap gently with a wooden tool (something like a wooden spatula) all the way round to make it super smooth and perfectly round. Don’t forget to attach a little loop on the top for your ribbon to run through, so you can hang it on the tree. Then you’re ready for bisque firing and glazing. Underglazes are a great way of painting Christmas scenes on your bauble as the decoration. 

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    How to Make Ceramic Christmas Bells

    How to make ceramic Christmas bells
    How to make ceramic Christmas bells. Getty

    Ceramic Christmas bells make such an impact on the Christmas tree and are great to make, particularly if you are crafting with children. You can make your ceramic bell as easy or as complex as you like, but if you’re planning to make a whole bunch of them for a cluster then the more simple shapes can work better. You can start out in much the same way you would a ceramic bauble making a little pinch pot to begin with. They can be whatever size you like, and sometimes for the cluster of bells a...MORE range of different sizes can look great together. You can stick with the traditional rounded bell shape or go for a more contemporary cone shape. Then you’ll need to roll a little clay in a coil shape to make the handle, score it and add slip to make sure it’s secure. At the top of your bell make one or two holes next to each other to attach the ringer. You can also make the ringers out of clay, so just very small rounded smooth balls of clay. You’ll need to push a hole right the way through the ball, so you can push the string through it. Once you’ve fired and glazed your bells, you can put them together. Twine is a lovely way of threading through the small ball and then threading through top hole of your bell to put the ringer in place. 

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    How to Make Simple Ceramic Stars and Trees

    How to make simple ceramic Christmas decorations
    How to make simple ceramic Christmas decorations. Getty

    If you’re looking for something a little easier to make for your Christmas tree then all you need is some freshly rolled clay and some Christmas cookie cutters (think hearts, stars and tree shapes). Cut out the shapes and pop a little hole in the top (to thread through the ribbon afterwards). Once you’ve left them to dry well enough bisque fire them and then glaze them in bright colorful ways. Then you can just thread the ribbon through the hole and hang them all over your Christmas tree. 

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    How to Make a Ceramic Candleholder

    How to make a ceramic candleholder:
    How to make a ceramic candleholder:. Getty

    There’s not really much that makes a Christmas environment more cosy than candles and the little tealight houses you’ve probably seen popping up all over Pinterest. They are actually fairly easy to make with a brilliant effect. First you’ll need to cut a template out of cardboard, you’ll have five pieces in total; two bigger pieces for the back and front of the house (you can even add a chimney if you fancy). Then you’ll need two oblong shaped sides and one oblong shaped bottom piece (ensure the...MORE bottom piece is wide enough to fit a tealight on). Make sure all these pieces match up so that they will fit nicely together. Roll out a fresh slab of clay (porcelain is a great clay to work with for this project) to the width you desire and cut out your template pieces. For the front and back pieces you can cut out a series of little squares for windows, so the light from the tealight can really shine through. Place the bottom piece on the table and score all of its edges and apply a little slip. Then you can build all of the other pieces up around it again scoring and putting slip on any piece you want to connect together. Once the house is assembled you can place it between two items such as two glasses so it can stand upright and dry to bone dry. Put it through your bisque firing and then it’s ready for glazing. If you’ve used porcelain you might only need to add a transparent glaze to add some shine, otherwise you can add whatever colors you like. Then it’s ready to pop your tealight in and admire. You could even make a whole mini village of ceramic houses with tealights for a really festive feel.