Playful Cats in the Window Free Embroidery Pattern

Stitch Some Sweet Kitties!

Cat Hand Embroidery Pattern
Mollie Johanson

Have you ever spotted a kitty in someone's window? Perhaps even your own? With this free cats embroidery pattern, you can stitch six cats peeking and playing in a picture window!

Even though the design is square, the pattern fits well inside an 8-inch embroidery hoop. You can display it in the hoop, or use the embroidery as a quilt square or on a pillow. 

Just like real cats, each kitty in this pattern has its own personality. That makes it especially fun to customize and match them to pets you know. 

Whether you have a cat (or six!) of your own, or you know someone who does, this fun pattern is sure to delight. Although there's a lot going on in the design, it's easy enough for beginners who know some of the basic embroidery stitches.

The biggest embroidery challenge with this project may be if your furry friend decides to help as you stitch!

Cats in the Window Embroidery Pattern

Cats in the Window Embroidery Patter
Mollie Johanson

Pattern and Materials

Transferring the Pattern

Print the JPG pattern at 100% (or as large as possible) on regular paper. Be sure to print the page horizontally/landscape. 

Use a water-soluble transfer pen to trace the pattern onto your fabric, print the pattern directly onto water-soluble stabilizer, or use your favorite transfer method.

Place the marked fabric in your hoop and get ready to stitch!

How to Stitch the Cats in the Window Pattern

Cats in the Window Embroidery Sample
Mollie Johanson


For this project, you can work with any color palette you like. It's fun to play around with different shades, matching kitties you know or even the colors of your decor.

To match the sample, use the following DMC colors: 310, B5200, 317, 318, 3849, 3811, 470, 472, 743, 742, 741, and 3779. 

Use the photo above as a guide for the color placement.

Stitches and Strands.

For this pattern, you only need to know seven embroidery stitches. If you aren't familiar with any stitches, they are easy to learn or you can substitute your favorite stitches. 

Use six strands of embroidery floss for the window frame and three strands for everything else.

Embroider all the cat outlines with back stitch. Use a combination of back stitch and scallop-style fly stitch for their noses and mouths. Stitch the eyes with french knots, except for the sleepy kitty, which has scallop-style fly stitch eyes.

Stitch the curtain with stem stitch for the main lines. Use back stitch for the top tabs. Embroider the goldfish with back stitch on the tails and detached chain stitch for the body.

For the plant, use stem stitch for the outer lines and back stitch for the accent lines. Embroider the planter with back stitch, and make the polka dots with french knots.

Use back stitch and running stitch for the main part of the light fixture. Stitch the hanging chain with chain stitch.