10 Free Crochet Cat Patterns

Get Kitty Crafty with These Projects

Crochet and Cat

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The cat is a popular motif throughout all crafts. Of course, crochet is no exception. Crochet cats adorn everything from hats to blankets. You can make animal crochet appliques inspired by kittens or craft huggable stuffed crochet cats to give as gifts. Whatever your fancy, these ten crochet cat patterns should get you started.

Note that these are crochet items for humans that are decorated with cats. If you're interested in making something for your cat, check out these crafts for cats.

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    Crochet Cat Coaster Free Patterns

    Crochet Cat Coaster Free Pattern

    Fair Isle Yarn

    These crochet coasters are so adorable. Each one looks like the face of a cat. However, you can adapt the designs with subtle changes to make each cat just a little bit different. As you get good at adapting the designs, you might even be able to make ones that look like people's cats, which is a really cute gift idea.

    You can also make these crochet coasters to use in other projects as well. Attach one to the corner of a basic crochet blanket to make it a little bit more special. String together a set of them to create a garland for decor. The opportunities are almost endless.

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    Crochet Hooded Cat Cowl Free Pattern

    Hooded Cat Cowl Free Crochet Pattern

     Lovable Loops

    Your little one will stay cozy and warm with this hooded crochet cowl. They'll also feel delighted and look adorable thanks to the cute kitty cat ears at the top of the design.

    If you want to be cute, too, then go for it. This crochet pattern comes in three sizes including one for adults.

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    Free Crochet Cat Purse Pattern

    Free Crochet Cat Purse Pattern

    Kerri's Crochet 

    Crochet a fun little purse with this free pattern. First, you crochet circles to make the purse itself. Then you add the facial features that turn it into a cat. Everything is made using basic crochet stitches, including the double treble crochet stitch which is worked the same as a double crochet or treble crochet stitch but is taller.

    Finish up with some straps and you've got a bag that's ready to go anywhere. It's a particularly cute purse for tweens, but anyone with a sense of fun and a love for cats might enjoy this crochet project.

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    Crochet Valentine Kitty Free Pattern

    Crochet Valentine Cat Free Pattern

     Thoresby Cottage

    This crochet designer has combined two of her own patterns in one to create a Valentine's Day cat. The first pattern is the tiny crochet cat itself. It's adorable. It has enough shaping to give you a good sense of what the animal is but not so much as to be difficult to crochet. The second pattern is a crochet heart pattern that you can attach to the cat to make it a sweet Valentine's gift.

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    Flippable Crochet Cat Toy Free Pattern

    Crochet Cat and Dog Toy Free Pattern

    Haak je mee 

    This cute crochet cat pattern is perfect as a huggable toy. However, there's more to it than that. It actually flips inside out and becomes a crochet dog! This is really fun to craft. Plus, it makes such a great gift for any young child who will greatly enjoy flipping it in and out to reveal the cat and dog in turn.

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    Sleeping Crochet Cat Free Pattern

    Sleeping Crochet Cat Free Pattern

     Crochet from Aland

    Real life cats sleep a lot. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to crochet a sleeping kitty. This works great as a toy for children. However, it also makes a fun decor item. Crochet your cat and find a place for it to lounge on the back of your couch or chair.

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    Crochet Cat Pillow Free Pattern

    Crochet Cat Pillow Free Pattern

     Marie Segares

    This crochet cat can also lounge on your couch or bed when not in use. However, it's also quite functional as a pillow. It's a square pillow, which means that it's really easy to make. The cat face is added on after, and it has a bit of three-dimensionality to it to make the project more fun.

    This crochet pillow has a small pocket in front as well as a large pocket in back, so it's also a great gift that you can fill with gift cards or candy. The designer also has a companion pattern for a small crochet cat that matches it.

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    Crochet Cat Doll Free Pattern

    Free Crochet Cat Patterns

     Kendra Harrell, Ravelry

    There are so many different styles of crochet cat dolls available. This one has big, bold embroidered eyes. Plus it has an outfit, and the instructions for that come with the free cat pattern.

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    Tiny Crochet Alien Cat Free Pattern

    Free Crochet Alien Cat Pattern

    Irina Savenkova, Ravelry 

    Combine a cat with an alien and you get this cute design. This is a small crochet toy. It's perfect as an ornament or a keychain. You could also stand one up on your desk to make you smile while you work.

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    Crochet Cat Hoodie Free Pattern

    Crochet Cat Hoodie Free Pattern

     Stephanie Mason, Ravelry

    Your baby will never look cuter than they do all dressed up in this crochet cat hoodie. It's snuggly and warm and that hood is so sweet. You can make open hands like a regular sweater or closed paw-imprint hands which are not only cute but keep babies from grabbing at themselves. This pattern is written for five sizes from 3 months - 2 years.

    If you happen to be multi-craftual, you might like to know that this comes in a free knit pattern as well.