I Want Candy! Cross Stitch

Candy inspired cross stitch patterns

 Raise your hand if you have a sweet tooth? C'mon, you can be honest with me! I have the biggest sweet tooth in mankind. Seriously, it is a surprise that I still have any teeth left. Lucky for me I can satisfy my sweet tooth with these awesome candy inspired patterns...they make me happy and my hips even happier! 

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    Sweet Factory

    Sweet Factory

    Yes please, I would like to work at the sweet factory. It looks happy and sweet and I could eat candy all day long without any repercussions. What? Let me live in my fantasy world and you live in yours! SewSewnSew has this pattern on their website, as well as other adorably sweet creations. Many of the patterns are Japanese or Japanese inspired. She also has fabrics and kits for you to work with.You can purchase the pattern HERE.  

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    Goody Goody Gumdrops

    Oh, goody gumdrops
    Nerdy Little Stitcher

     I have featured many patterns from Nerdy Little Stitcher and they are all so awesome, but this one...it speaks to my sweet tooth and my sassy pants! The gum drops are so adorable and yet so snarky. I just can't stand it! I love their happy little faces. Please check out her Etsy store. Her patterns are affordable and offer just the right amount of sass without being crass. You can find the pattern HERE. 

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    Girl's Best Friend

    Girl's Best Friend

     Some people think that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Sure, they are great and they sparkle but what can they really do for you? Do they bring you to a state of euphoria? Can they help with your heart and other ailments? Can they tell you how much they love you? Nope...didn't think so. Chocolate can do all of these things and won't cost a fortune. Each mouthwatering piece is a gift from heaven. Why not show your chocolate love with this heart shaped sampler by Imaginating. It has all your chocolate favorites, but no pesky calories. You can find the pattern HERE. 

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    A Place to Live

    Cottage Garden Sampling

    I would like to go on record by stating when I was a child I wanted to live in a house made of candy and other sweets. I would also like to go on record stating that I would still like to live in a house made of candy and sweets. I would also like for donuts to not to make my butt big. Anyhoo....this absolutely adorable and whimsical pattern by Cottage Garden Sampling is just the sweetest. I love the lollipop trees. The colors they chose are so much fun! You can find the pattern for sale HERE. 

Sure candy can cause cavities, make us gain a bit of weight but it also brings us so much joy. Whether you are a sour lover or something a bit more smooth, these candy patterns are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and not come with any side effects. It's a win-win!