Candice Cruz

Candice has loved making things with her hands for as long as she can remember.  She has been crafting with all sorts of mediums such as rubber stamps, paper, beads, yarn, and fabric since she was a young child, but really fell in love with scrapbooking and card making during college.  Online, she is often known as ShortcakeScraps, which is also the name of her blog and small business. Her blog feature posts about crafts, food and creativity and is updated with contents such as photos, reviews and recipes.

Candice lives near Boston and is happiest with her daughter, a camera in her hand, a good cup of coffee, and an ongoing queue of creative projects in her head.


Candice has contributed to two card making books: Love Notes: 40 Exquisite Handmade Cards to Express Your Love and Thank You Notes: 40 Handmade Ways to Show You're Grateful.  Her work has also appeared in magazines like Paper Crafts and Creating Keepsakes.

In addition to her published works, Candice designs and sells handmade greeting cards and sewing projects, and has taught card making classes at local craft stores.


Candice's educational background is in Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies. 

Candice Cruz

I have a passion for card making and all things related to paper crafting.  And I enjoy helping others to learn this craft that helps keep us connected in a technology-heavy world.  I love receiving snail mail and spreading that feeling by creating something for someone else to cherish.  

I hope you find a little bit of inspiration from this website to do something crafty today.

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