Sew An Insulating Soda Can or Juice Box Wrap

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    An insulating can wrap sewn with these free directions.
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    When you clean up from a picnic or party do you find dozens of half-empty cans? This quick project will help guests identify their can and hopefully finish their can before getting another.

    Gather the materials:

    • Fabric Scraps - 20" by 4 1/2"
    • Batting or fleece - 10" by 4 1/2"
    • 4" strip of 1" wide Velcro® or Hook and Loop tape
    • Thread
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    Prepare to Sew

    A photo showing how to layer the material and batting to sew an insulating can or juice box wrap.
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    Fold fabric, right sides together, to make it 10" by 4 1/2". Place batting under the fabric, lining up all the edges.

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    Start Sewing

    A photo showing sewn long edges and 1" in on the short edge.
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    Using 1/4" seams, stitch the long edges and 1" in from each corner on the 4 1/2" edge. Leave the center of the end open to turn through.

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    Clip Corners and Turn Right Sides Out.

    A photo showing the seam allowance being turned in and pressed at the opening.
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    Clip the corners to eliminate bulk.

    Turn right sides out.

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    Turn in the Un-sewn Seam Allowance

    Press in the Seam Allowance
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    Turn in the un-sewn seam allowance 1/4" on each side. Press the seam allowance closed.

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    Sew the Hook & Loop Tape - Tips

    Sew the Hook & Loop Tape
    Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Place one part of the Velcro® along the 4" edge and stitch the long edges into place, closing the seam at the same time.
    Turn the fabric over, and place the other part of the hook and loop tape on the other end, on the opposite side of the fabric.

    • Topstitch 1/4" from the edge along the long edges.
    • Quilt the wrap.
    • Embroider names on the wrap to use them as party favors.